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“I was blown away. I just thought, you know there is no way this girl shouldn’t be ranked with Shirley Temple or Judy Garland. I couldn’t believe it.  It was like watching an evening with Barbra Streisand. She was 15 for the whole making of the movie.  Was Barbra doing that at 15? I don’t think so.” – Peter Chelsom, director of “Hannah Montana: The Movie”, describes the force of nature that is Miley Cyrus. I have one question – who the hell is Peter Chelsom?

Let me open by acknowledging the passing of adult industry superstar Jack Wrangler. The legendary performer was one of the first gay adult industry icons. His reputation suffered after marrying the much older chanteuse Margaret Whiting. With the documentary “Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon”, he not only rehabilitated his position in the history of adult industry, he also attracted legions of younger fans. The documentary just won Best Alternative Release at the recent GayVN Awards.  I’m glad he lived long enough to see this achievement.

Speaking of the GayVNs, sexy Dustin Lance Black, who won Best Screenplay at the Academy Awards, was at the event and parties. Why was he there?  To meet hottie Tony DiMarco, who won the Best Screenplay at the GayVNs! Of course, I helped facilitate this meeting and have the photo to prove it. I call this one “When award shows collide”.

Speaking of gay adult industry, much hoopla has been made about adult industry pup Tory Mason doing a scene where he gets topped by all three of the Visconti Triplets. One of my colleagues reported on this event by asking, “How many people can say they’ve been f-ed by triplets?”  I can answer that – NONE. I’m sure I’m going to get in trouble for revealing this, but the truth of the matter is that La Mason was only topped by ONE Visconti.  The other two participated via trick photography and the like. This, of course, is nothing new in the adult industry industry. Still, if you can’t trust me, who can you trust?  That’s not to say I’m infallible. I recently told you that the hot blue man in “Watchmen” was a CGI representation of actor Billy Crudup. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Crudup is hot, but not that hot.  I must give credit where it is due – his uncredited body double was actor and fitness model Greg Plitt. And will run a photo of the shirtless hunk (and West Point graduate) posing beside the poster for “Watchmen” – a near perfect match (which gives us a warm, tingly feeling given the blue man’s man meat).

I have newfound respect for both Meryl Streep and Barbra Streisand.  Both ladies were smart enough to pass when Baz Luhrmann asked them to take part in that travesty of a musical number at the Oscars. Apparently, Meryl was asked to sing a few bars during the “Mamma Mia” segment, but felt it would be “undignified”. Babs actually considered singing “Somewhere” near the end of the “West Side Story” section, but she dropped out at the last minute.  Probably at the dress rehearsal when the term “train wreck” was being bandied about.  Babs is awfully busy. The DVD release of “Barbra Streisand – The Concerts” includes the Fort Lauderdale show from her last tour.

Missing from Babs’ DVD is Rosie’s documentary of the tour. But O’Donnell is making news with another gal – Star Jones.  The twosome teamed up to benefit the Figure Skating in Harlem Skating with the Stars Gala. The high bidder will get to go to lunch with both ladies… TOGETHER!  Strange bedfellows, to say the least. To prepare, the gals are having a private dinner this week. It’s a world gone mad! But I’d wanna be there.

Let me slip in a quick “Ask Billy” question from Jim in Atlantic City: “A friend of mine says ‘Wolverine’ was leaked to the web and shows Hugh Jackman nude. Can you find any pics or clips and post ‘em?”
I can. I did. I posted.
When I’m promoting Jackman’s bare backside, it’s definitely time to end yet another column. Have I mentioned that I’m visiting family in Boston?  Or that I’m sneezing constantly because of allergies? Or that I am furious at the makers of Chlor-Trimeton 12mg for discontinuing the only product that has ever given me relief (of the nasal persuasion)? If you’ve got any expired meds, put ‘em aside for me – I’ll be back in Ft Laud before you know it! For your gossip needs, check out  Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.


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