hollywood-clooney-turner-travolta-0“Who does it hurt if someone thinks I’m gay? I’ll be long dead and there will still be people who say I was gay. I don’t give a sh*t.” – George Clooney tells “The Advocate” what he thinks about all those gay rumors. PHEW.

hollywood-clooney-turner-travolta-1“Who does it hurt if someone thinks I’m gay? I’ll be long dead and there will still be people who say I was gay. I don’t give a sh*t.” – George Clooney tells “The Advocate” what he thinks about all those gay rumors. PHEW.

The first time Kathleen Turner called me, it was from Tinerhir, just outside of Marrakech. Alas, I was not home, and if there’s anything the international operator hates, it’s getting an answering machine. When I tried to call her back, the Moroccan operator told me the phone number was “1”. I asked, “It’s just a one-digit number?” She said, “No, it’s the number 1 – because there’s only one phone there!” Needless to say, we didn’t connect. We first met on New Year’s Eve 1986 at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, where Turner was headlining an adaptation of “Camille”. She said a quick hello while racing for a helicopter Bruce Springsteen had sent for her to attend his New Year’s Eve party. Since then, we’ve had many hurried encounters – none of which ever ended with my snagging a snapshot with one of my favorite living actresses. I’ve never had this problem with Sally Kirkland!

I recently did a special article about Matthew Lombardo’s play “High”, which is in the midst of a national tour headed by Turner. I was able to talk to Matthew in person, and co-star Evan Jonigkeit was easy to call. But Kathleen was doing another play in Los Angeles while I was in Florida. Given our personal schedules and the time difference, scheduling our chat was difficult. When I was walking out the door to catch a plane, the phone rang. Something told me not to let this go to voicemail. It was Kathleen. You can read the article on my website or on HotSpotsMagazine.com

Pride South Florida always bucks the June trend by having their gay pride in March. One of the hosts was SiriusXM personality Derek Hartley, who I always enjoy cavorting with. Amongst his many duties, he hosted a swimsuit fashion show and auction at The Depot to benefit the Pride committee. The models were furnished by FabScout – which meant local strippers and porn pups. And that’s where the problems began. When I got there, the show was delayed because of a kerfuffle.

One of the other models was a very sexy guy named LG. As it happens, he’s also the boyfriend of former cop/porn star Mikey Verdugo, and they now co-own Bodytek Fitness in Davie, FL (new location opening in Wilton Manors any day now). Needless to say, they’re a mighty hot couple. Next time I’m in town, I’ll definitely do a workout session with one (or both) of them. Check them out at BodyTekFitness.com. For Mikey’s earlier work, go to BillyMasters.com and get comfy – it’s ENDLESS.

John Travolta has once again been linked with yet another gentleman in the skin trade. On the cover of “The National Enquirer” (so take it from whence it comes): “Travolta Caught in Prostitution Scandal! ‘John paid me to have sex’ – shocking tell-all”. Let me share what I remember from reading it in the checkout line. Travolta allegedly booked a “male masseur” that he found on Craigslist. Instead of giving the guy an address, he arranged to pick him up on the side of a road in his Lexus SUV. The gent says that Travolta brought him to the Beverly Hilton (you know, Merv’s old place) and offered him $200 for sex. The guy REFUSED…which makes me think maybe he was a legit masseur. Or perhaps he got a good look at Johnny in fluorescent lighting! Anyway, the best part of the whole story is that John allegedly tried to sweeten the pot by saying he could call another guy and make it a three-way! Presumably someone who wasn’t fat-fat and possibly had his own hair!

The tabloids are also talking about Warren Beatty and Annette Bening’s daughter Kathlyn, who wants to undergo gender reassignment surgery and become Stephen. According to this latest report, the parents are supportive of their child, are paying for school and everything else. They even accept the whole sex-change thing and had a celebratory family dinner. But, allegedly, they will not give Kathlyn/Stephen any money for the surgery. Normally I’d be happy to bash Warren and Annette for pretty much anything, but I dunno. I think perhaps this is expecting a bit too much from a parent. Something tells me Cher didn’t pay for Chaz’s surgery (although I’m still not sure how Chaz makes a living).

When the Beatty family could star in a remake of “I Know My First Name Is Stephen”, it’s definitely time to end yet another column. I’m headed back to Hollywood…and I’m a little nervous. Between Travolta, Bening, and Beatty, there could be a fatwa on my head. For a few days, I’ll limit my socializing to www.BillyMasters.com, a site for sore eyes. If you’ve got a question that simply needs the attention of the Master, send a note to Billy@BillyMasters.com and I promise to get back to you before Travolta books LG for a “training session.” Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.


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