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On Sunday, May 27, at 9 pm America’s Got Talent $1,000,000 finalist, vocal impresario Prince Poppycock will capture Fort Lauderdale’s heart at the annual White Fort Lauderdale Pre-Event.


America’s Got Talent Finalist

On Sunday, May 27, at 9 pm America’s Got Talent $1,000,000 finalist, vocal impresario Prince Poppycock will capture Fort Lauderdale’s heart at the annual White Fort Lauderdale Pre-Event.

The Prince captured America’s attentions and devotion, when he graced network prime time show America’s Got Talent. He moved up to the shows grand finale by out dressing, out shinning & out performing over 60,000 contestants with his signature costumes, charm and vocal abilities. Sharon Osborne, a celebrity judge of the show, instantly proclaimed him “The Male Lady Gaga.” As Prince Poppycock is preparing for his performance at The White Fort Lauderdale pre-event concert (his first South Florida appearance) it was a pleasure to sit down with him for this exclusive Hotspots interview.

1) At what age did you start singing?

I honestly don’t remember. I know that I was singing consistently (and perhaps annoyingly) by the time I was 6.  However, I feel like I was singing before then as well.  My mom says I was singing since I could speak.

2) Where was your first public performance?

During my parents’ summer parties, I’d dress up in my favorite outfit and dance and sing to my favorite artists for their guests.  Shortly thereafter, I began participating in school plays and choirs both in and out of school.

3) When did you realize that you wanted to sing for a living?

I never considered doing anything else…

4) What did you do before you were a professional singer?

Technically I became a professional at 11…But oh goodness, I’ve done a bit of everything.  I have been a barista, a music store clerk, a publicist and law clerk for a record company, an assistant stylist, an assistant jeweler, a house cleaner, a waiter, a hair model, a cater waiter….the list goes on.  Throughout it all, though, I was consistently booking small professional singing or acting gigs that kept me going.

5) Who was the first person to notice you and when was that?

If I’m correct, a lady that drove in my carpool overheard me singing and suggested to my mother that I audition for a role in the Washington Opera.  I was in choir at the time, and my choir instructor was very supportive, as was my wonderful mother.  My first professional audition was a big success, and was a tremendous encouragement to me to pursue my dreams.

6) Who are your inspirations/mentors in life?

My father (who is no longer with me) has recently been my biggest influence.  Navigating the slings and arrows of fame has been a miserable process without my brilliant father to consult.  The longer that he’s been gone the more I realize that while I’m not a prideful person, I’m eternally proud to be my father’s son.

7) How did you come up with the persona Prince Poppycock?

Prince because I wanted to bring out the royalty inherent in myself that I believe is there in everyone; Poppycock because inflating yourself is really such a lot of nonsense anyway, isn’t it?

8) How was the experience of being on America’s Got Talent?

It was exhilarating and exhausting, both the best and the worst thing I’ve ever done.  It completely changed my life forever, and I’m incredibly grateful for all the experiences I’ve had and people that I’ve met because of it.

9) Sharon Osborne seemed to have been your biggest fan. Did you have a fabulous relationship with her and are you still in touch?

We never got a chance to chat off-stage during the show, and I’ve yet to see her since the end of the show.   Her support was instrumental to my success though.   I did take a meeting with Howie Mandel however, after the show ended; he was lovely.

10) You were crowned the honorary mayor of Hollywood for their annual Halloween Carnival in 2010. How was that experience?

It was INSANE!  I was in Boston at the time, so we had to take a red eye to LA and fly in to prep and perform on that same day.  They get over half a million people yearly to that festival, so to be crowned mayor of the biggest Halloween party in the world was surreal to say the least…what fun!

11) What would people be shocked to know about you?

I’m fairly shy; sometimes I listen to NPR more then I listen to music; I’m messy; I’m terrible at writing thank you cards…and perhaps the biggest shocker of all, I mostly wear very simple black or grey clothing, when I’m not dressed as Poppycock!

12) What do you like to do for fun?

I love to cook dinner with friends, run, do Pilates regularly, and travel to new places (something I don’t do nearly enough of).  I enjoy night gardening, comparison shopping, and going to the spa (when I can swing it).  My work however is quite a lot of fun, so sometimes it’s hard for me to take time off!

13) What’s ahead for Prince Poppycock?

After my last year of ups and downs dealing with the “suits” of the entertainment industry I’ve learned not to try and predict my own future.   The one thing that I do know for sure, though, is that it’s all far from over… and it’s sure to be a fabulous adventure!

You can see Prince Poppycock’s performances on youtube.com and you can purchase your tickets at showclix.com/event/whiteftl for his concert and for the 14 Annual White Fort Lauderdale Event which follows.



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