Dishing-bannerMC Film is stocking up with white swimwear. A White Party is upcoming at GaYBOR Beach and is being planned for March 3rd. FMI contact HM Brandon. Can you say “Play Ball”! or was it . . . 


People are Talking

MC Film is stocking up with white swimwear. A White Party is upcoming at GaYBOR Beach and is being planned for March 3rd. FMI contact HM Brandon. Can you say “Play Ball”! or was it “Play with softball players?” Either way it was a fun filled weekend in GaYBOR/Ybor City with the over 3000 softball players and friends here.

 Mr. Eddie Edwards was caught in GaYBOR this week.  The identical twin was performing, with his brother, as the dueling drag Barbara Streisands at, of all places, the Dallas Bull in Tampa!?!?!??


You Just Can Not Make This Up

Part One – The Wildest Fight Ever!!!!

When the former Soviet Union was falling apart, our friend Edwin (aka Rita Rags) called and said he had found an incredible cheap trip 18 day package to Russia and asked if we wanted to go with him. YES!!! We flew to JFK Airport in New York City then continued onto Kiev, Ukraine by Aeroflight ( the official airline of Russia). Our first clue [that something was amiss]should have been that when we went to check in, the Aeroflight sign had been pulled out and reversed. Hum… As we were walking down the loading jet ramp Mark said to Carrie “There’s no plane???” Instead we were put on a mobile transport and taken to a remote corner of JFK. As we were walking up to the huge Russian made plane, we noticed that somebody had whitewashed over the name Areoflight. The hand painted sign on the outside of the plane had been painted “Air Ukraine” Strange…

We then walked onto the huge cargo air vessel through a maze of containers, luggage, steam lockers, and huge cargo boxes packed inside the netted sides of the plane. Once in our sling style, netted, plastic covered seats, the attendant came by and gave us each a brown paper bag. Inside was some cheese, bread, and a bottle of vodka. In a strong authoritative voice, she said; “You go toilet NOW!!! Limited toilet time during fight!”

The last 3 hours, we were flying over land and couldn’t help but notice how very close to the ground we were: Maybe 2 or 3,000 feet at most????? The plane finally landed and we walked down the jet stair case to the tarmac. The crew opened the lower plane doors like a bus and tossed the luggage out on the ground. Farm tractors pulling hay wagons came out to the plane to pick up the luggage and passengers. Then a Polka Band came out on another tractor pulled wagon playing music. The crew started to cheer, dance, and shout.

We asked the flight attendant what was going on? She replied, “We are celebrating. This airplane is now Air Ukraine. No more Russian plane!!!” They had just stolen and commandeered the plane from the former Soviet Union from NYC!!!!! Shocked? Yes…We know… we were on it!

Next week part 2: The trip to Moscow


GaYBOR Member of the Week

Ybor City Saturday Market

Almost every Saturday morning the Ybor City Saturday Market in Ybor’s Centennial Park is open and offers a great line up of farm fresh vegetables, handmade crafts, baked goods, cigars, candle makers, canned salsas, and so much more. The market caters to everyone and is open year round. Manager Lynn Schultz is the scheduler and champion of creative activities.


Dishing-nephewMark & Carrie’s Nephew/ Niece of the Week

Eduardo (EJ) Fernandes

EJ is one of hardest working guys in GaYBOR. Always has a sneaky smile on his face and a boyish playful sense of humor. Next visit to GaYBOR stop by Bradley’s on 7th and say hi to EJ!!!



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