holly ban

holly ban

For months, Johnny Weir has told anyone who would listen that he planned to compete in the upcoming Sochi Olympics…

holly banThis was a two-hander.  And Matt, you’re only as good as your other hand.  So, I can’t tell you….the only reason I’m standing here is because of you.  So, you really deserve half of this.  So, you want the bottom or the top?  The top?  I figured that.” – Michael Douglas thanks his “Behind The Candelabra” co-star, Matt Damon, when winning the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor Miniseries or Movie.

For months, Johnny Weir has told anyone who would listen that he planned to compete in the holly filmupcoming Sochi Olympics.  Aside from the personal reasons of not wanting to miss his last chance at an Olympic medal, he had an interesting argument.  Who better than a flamboyant skater to challenge Russia’s anti-gay legislation?  Why should his efforts be thwarted by prejudice?  Why not face his opponents and basically dare them to imprison him…possibly dressed as a dying swan?  It was an argument I could get behind – and surely I’m not the first man to get behind Johnny Weir.  Of course, the popular activist stance is that one must boycott all things Russian or one is tacitly endorsing the prejudice.  In the end, the conflict came to an anti-climatic conclusion when the US Figure Skating organization announced that Weir did not register for the qualifying rounds of the national championships.  And with that, I suspect his amateur career has come to an end.

But fear not – there is a notable gay who still plans on performing in Russia…and there’s a good chance that he, too, could be dressed as a swan.  In December, Elton John will be giving a concert in Moscow.  “I’ve got to go.  And I’ve got to think about what I’m going to say very carefully.  There’s two avenues of thought: do you stop everyone going, ban all artists coming in from Russia?  But then you’re really leaving the men and women who are gay and suffering under the anti-gay laws in an isolated situation.  As a gay man, I can’t leave those people on their own without going over there and supporting them.  I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’ve got to go.”

The lines between reality television and the porn industry are being blurred more and more every day.  One of the popular gay personalities to make such a transition is Steven Daigle, who previously appeared on “Big Brother”.  He effortlessly made the transition to gay porn under the direction of Chi Chi LaRue with “Steven Daigle XXXposed”.  Since then, he’s not limited himself to gay porn – he also appeared in a heterosexual flick (stating it was his first heterosexual experience).  His latest news is something I suspect he’s far more familiar with – he’s getting into the bareback porn business.  And his debut is surely a title which flows trippingly off the tongue – regardless of the direction: “C– Whore”.  Well, that just about says it all, doesn’t it?

And now, for our featured attraction.  When one of the most gorgeous leading men from television, stage, and film masturbates on camera, my ears do start burning (thankfully it’s only my ears burning and not anything further south).  When I was first sent the video of Cheyenne Jackson allegedly masturbating to completion and bemoaning the absence of his boyfriend, I was forced to closely inspect it with an expert’s eye.  Even before I delved into this task, I firmly believed that it was a fake.  Cheyenne is many things, but stupid is not one of them.  I wouldn’t expect him to do anything as reckless as filming himself jerking off – and he certainly wouldn’t send it to someone.  Alas, after thorough investigation, I do believe it’s the real deal.  Aside from a brief (unfortunate) glimpse of his face, a stray shot of the new tattoo on his arm confirms its veracity.  My findings were reinforced when some websites were pressured to take the video down.  But some websites ain’t BillyMasters.com.

This leads nicely into our “Ask Billy” question.  Roger on Cape Cod writes: “You recently mentioned Reichen in your column.  What is he up to these days?  We haven’t heard much from him.”

Last year, Reichen Lehmkuhl announced his intention to attend law school.  I’m happy to report that he was accepted by Loyola Law School and started his law studies this month.  But fear not – he’s not abandoning his career as an entertainer.  Apparently, Logo produced a soap called “The Vines of Sauvignon Blanc” which launched this summer on Twitter’s video app, Vine.  The owner of the vineyard (played by Stephen Guarino) has only two minutes and six seconds to live, so he has to wrap up his affairs and finesse some feisty family and friends.  Logo ordered 22 episodes, each lasting six seconds – yes, six seconds!  Pulling out my trusty abacus, that adds up to 132 seconds of original programming by our gay network.

Could it be that Sara Gilbert inadvertently answered one of the biggest rumors of her life?  Sure seems like it.  Last week, the ladies of “The Talk” were revealing big emotional secrets.  Sara’s stemmed from when she was dating her “Roseanne” co-star, Johnny Galecki.  After they’d make out, she’d get depressed.  Uh-oh, that’s never a good sign.  They discussed it and she revealed she might be gay.  “He was super sweet about it,” she says.  But then she continued the story: “I started dating a woman who was, like, 18 years older than I was who was also in the public eye and it was something that could have really, like… people could have found out about.”  Who was this woman?  Faithful readers of this column know the answer.  In fact, I believe it’s one of the first stories I ever broke.  And, Sara’s right – the woman is, indeed, 18 years older.  Back then, I blabbed all about it.  But now, my lips are sealed.

When Logo is redefining “a quickie”, it’s definitely time to end yet another column.  Since we once again ran long, we only have a moment to remind you to check out www.BillyMasters.com, where it’s never a quickie…always a longie.  Certainly all the penises in this week’s column prove that.  But I’m here for you, regardless of the topic.  All you have to do is drop a note to Billy@BillyMasters.com and I promise to get back to you before Cheyenne announces his next project…with Steven Daigle!  So, until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.



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