Hollywood Inside and Out

“I thought I held my own.” – Buzz Aldrin talks about dancing with John Travolta at a benefit for Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  I’m glad to hear Buzz held his own.  I hope Travolta stuck to holding his own, too!  You can check out the video of them tripping the light fantastic on

There are pros and cons to being in the public eye.  Rugby player Ben Cohen has used his HI-3031_Ben-Cohenpopularity to speak out against bullying and started The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation.  But last week, he found himself the target of some nastiness.  As a professional athlete, Cohen has always maintained a good, if not slightly burly, physique.  On July 22nd, he posted some less-than-flattering shots of himself frolicking on the beach with the caption, “Eaten way [too] many burgers.  Need to get back into shape!!  Or maybe it was just the camera angle.  LOL.”  Two days later, the same photos turned up in the UK “Telegraph” accompanying an article called “How to Avoid a Middle Age Man Spread” with the subheading, “As former rugby player Ben Cohen is photographed looking portlier than usual, experts reveal how men can avoid piling on those extra kilos.”  Ouch!  But Ben owned it, retweeting the piece with the following caption: “Thanks for the advice @Telegraph  How to avoid a Middle Age Spread & not end up like Ben Cohen.”  Within hours, Cohen was flooded with support.  He responded by saying, “Thank you all for your lovely comments and support.  Very unexpected and I [am] really overwhelmed by it all.  Ben.”

Thomas Roberts just made a bit of history.  Aside from daily duties hosting “MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts”, he was asked to anchor NBC’s “Nightly News” last Saturday night.  This HI-3031_Thomas-Robersearned him the distinction of being the first openly gay person to anchor the evening news on network television.  And, it should be added, he looked quite dashing doing it.

In a scene clearly staged for the reality show cameras, Caitlyn Jenner had what is being called a “religious naming ceremony” at her Malibu home.  Paparazzi pics from the pious event (officiated by some sort of cleric) show about 15 attendees of questionable gender all in white watching this outdoor ceremony.  Cameras and elaborate lighting captured every bit of the pomp and circumstance – the circumstances of which are dubious.  Entertainment was provided by Boy George, who I suspect wore something more slimming than white!

Before there was Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox, there was Holly Woodlawn, the legendary transgender actress who was immortalized in Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” and a muse for Andy Warhol.  Alas, the superstar of the underground cinema movement is not doing so well.  Woodlawn was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently in the hospital receiving treatment.  Given her bleak prognosis, people have rallied to raise money for her continued care – including the ability to live out her final days at home.  In the past three weeks, friends and admirers have helped raised over $60K on  One of those supporters is Bette Midler, who donated $5K.  And who wouldn’t want to be part of any group that includes the Divine Miss M?

Gay p-rn star Harry Louis got engaged on live television to Allyson Chinalia, often referred to as his “look-alike boyfriend.”  They were on a TV show in Spain when Harry popped the question.  It may be in Spanish, but I’ve been watching “Caso Cerrado” on Telemundo for two years, so I’m virtually bilingual.  For those of you who lack a foreign tongue, Harry sweetly Tweeted the announcement in two languages.  And he shared a sentiment I’m sure anyone who has been in love will understand: “I have no words to express how much I love you @allysonchinalia !!!  I also love doughnuts, but you are sweeter…”  Nothing says I love you more than complimenting some guy’s cruller!  We’ll post the video and some hot shots of the sexy couple on

Since we’re talking hot foreign guys, let’s turn our attention to Luke Casey, an Australian footballer and model.  For reasons completely unknown to me, Australians appear to enjoy being photographed au naturale – and who am I to complain?  The sexy 20-year-old stripped down for a photographer, and apparently shaved down as well, since he appears to have all the pubic hair of a newborn.  Of course, this only accentuates every nook and cranny of his fantastic physique.  Let me add that what he may be lacking in the flaccid penile department, he certainly makes up for in foreskin – if that’s your thing.  You can decide for yourself when you see him on

Our “Ask Billy” question comes from Karl in Chicago: “I just saw photos of Nick Jonas looking HI-3031_Nick-Jonashotter than f–k performing at some gay club all chained up.  What’s that all about?” 

Little Nick Jonas is continuing in his quest for world domination – or at least the part of the world belonging to Justin Timberlake – by conquering it one gay bar at a time.  This was his second performance at the legendary G-A-Y party at Heaven in London.  And what made it memorable was that he sang his single “Chains” whilst actually chained up by drag queens!  “You know, we’ve gotta do something special for the G-A-Y audience, right?”  Right!  He looked hotter than ever (oooh, those arms) – as you’ll see when you watch the video on

When a Jonas can be restrained by drag queens, it’s definitely time to end yet another column.  Nick’s not the only one giving you something special.  You can always get a rise from, the site that likes it rough.  If you’ve got a question for me, send it along to and I promise to get back to you before someone takes care of my cruller!  Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.