“Reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner announced this week that she will appear at president-elect Donald Trump’s January 20th inauguration ceremony, completing her highly-publicized transition into a total asshole.”

Pat Dussault, writing for The Beaverton.

“Nobody knows that I’m alive and then I decide to sing a song and I wake up and they all hate me.”

—Gay icon Jennifer Holliday, star of Dreamgirls, after she agreed to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration and then cancelled her appearance. She originally said she was pulling out to show her support for her LGBT fans. It was later reported she received death threats.

“I’m proud that we continue to be a leader in marketing innovation. We’ve established a popular and highly-recognized destination brand presence that reflects the authentic experiences that people today – regardless of age, gender, religion or sex – seek when they travel.”

Stacy Ritter, president/CEO of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, referring to the city’s new global marketing campaign which features three transgender models.

“I am writing to the young women who feel like they don’t belong in their bodies, to the boys who want to kiss boys, and those on the spectrum between…your worth is untouchable. Find a good friend. Invest in therapy. Dance in the middle of the night and hold yourself accountable to the life you’ve always wanted…”

—Lesbian actress Brandi Burgess, daughter of homophobic conservative Christian radio host Rick Burgess (the Rick and Bubba Show).