politics on Facebook

Politics is dominating Facebook these days. Here is what local community members are saying…

“Okay, Comey. You trashed Hillary’s chance for a win; now burp up those memos and help us end this sham of a presidency. Fair is fair! #impeach”

MARK MARTIN ANGLE, Fort Lauderdale

“These days it’s super fun turning off the news for 30 minutes and then turning it on to see how much new shit has hit the fan.”

MICHAEL WALKER, Fort Lauderdale

“When this guy goes after Trump and he’s a conservative’s conservative, then you know Trump is in deep doo-doo!”

MICKEY ROWE, Oakland Park, referring to writer Erick Erickson’s blog post on his website, The Resurgent, that Trump’s Russia leak was “far worse” than reported.

“You have to wonder what they are hiding that is so damning. Stay strong? Resist congressional subpoenas? Fire the FBI director after asking him to stay away from Flynn? I mean this stinks to high heaven…”

EVAN LOBEL, Fort Lauderdale, referring to a CNBC report that Trump recently told fired national security advisor Michael Flynn to “stay strong”.

“I guess the head wounds that Lincoln and Kennedy got aren’t as bad?”

ERIC REIVIK, Wilton Manors, referring to President Trump’s complaint to graduates of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy that “No politician in history – and I say this with great surety – has been treated worse or more unfairly.”

“Trump supporters: He is all yours! You are responsible for this mess. Make American Sane Again: Dump Trump.”

JOHN RAMOS, Oakland Park