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Q&A George Coronado Talks New Fashion Line


When most of us South Floridians in the nightclub industry hear the name George Coronado, we think of Give Me A Beat Productions, which was George’s Production company for almost 10 years. George and his business partner, Arnold Matteson, created GMAB and upon Arnold’s passing it was George’s mission to make the company even better than it had been. From circuit parties to fashion shows to charity events, GMAB was involved with our community. About two years ago, George decided to take a break from producing events and move back to Peru where he started a fashion business. It was so great to sit down with George for this Hotspots exclusive interview (Photographers: Alejandro Centeno & Martin Psialer).


Q: What made you move back to Peru?


A: I lived in Miami Beach for 14 years. I had a successful business and everything was great. However, I had other goals in life that I wanted to pursue. I am the kind of person that is not afraid to go after my goals and to step out of my comfort zone. My family played an important role in my decision to move to South America. I have a beautiful family and used to visit them once or twice a year. However, I left home when I was 17 years old and never really got to live close to them during my adulthood. Miami is an awesome place, but I felt that it was time for me to relocate and to start a new business, pursue a new challenge, keep growing up as a professional and as an individual and to add new experiences to my life. Two years later, I know I made the right decision. I am very happy with my new life in Lima, Peru. 


Q: After so many years in the event planning business, why did you decide to get into fashion?


A: I’ve always been very interested in the fashion industry. I worked successfully with fashion projects with my Miami company, Give Me A Beat Productions, so it was not all new to me. Designing clothing is a talent that I strongly believe I have. Peru is a great country to start a clothing line. Its cotton is world-renowned and high quality. Many important American and European brands manufacture their productions in Peru. Peruvian production is export quality as we have the best of the best in fabrics and workshops. I considered a few businesses and after taking the time to evaluate the possibilities, I decided to create Coronado & Carozzi, along with my business partner Mario Carozzi. Mario is a long-time and successful entrepreneur, very talented and respected. We have an amazing friendship and working relationship.


Q:  Your clothing is all handmade…how would you describe your clothing line?


A: Correct, our clothing is handmade using the finest local cotton. We are the brand where uniqueness gets in line with craftsmanship. We are known for our modern and vibrant designs. We spell different, we are different and we know how to design clothing that makes a difference. We, as a brand, aim to prioritize high quality, comfort and appeal. 

Q:  Do you have a design team or who comes up with the designs?


A: I design everything we have in our line. Of course, we do have a team that works for us in production, marketing, quality assurance, distribution and sales. Needless to say, everything is under my supervision and my business partner’s. 



Q:  What fabrics do you use?


A: We use high quality fabrics — from cotton, terry cotton, leather, drill, acrylic fiber, nylon, silk, etc — it depends on each design. We have a complete line, from jackets, jeans, joggers, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, tank-tops, underwear, swimwear, hats, accessories and so forth. 


Q:  What makes your line different from your competition?


A: Coronado & Carozzi is different because a lot of my inspiration as a designer comes from exploring different cultures and my travels around the world. I have had the privilege to visit exotic spots, which not many people have the opportunity to experience. Also, I describe my clothing line as “chameleonic.” In today’s world, business keep us really busy especially in the big metropolis such as New York, London, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Lima, etc.  We work all day and have busy schedules. We are interested that the lifestyle we propose make us look good for our various daily activities: work, meetings with clients, lunch with friends, 
a cocktail party at night, the movies, dinner, a date, etc.  We do not have time to change outfits during the day so looking chic and appropriate is fundamental. 


Q: What does the future hold for Coronado & Carozzi?


A: After our success in Peru, our next goal is to position our clothing line in the United States. Our designs are perfectly suited for markets such as Florida and California, because of the weather and our point of view. We have a Fall/Winter 2017 collection, which has a retro vibe but fresh and somehow futuristic yet keeping it ready-to-wear and elegant. Our last year’s collection was a big success and I feel this new collection will be even better. We are working very hard and feel very proud.


For more information on Coronado & Carozzi, visit their website, CoronadoCarozzi.com


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