Do you love to eat and have lots of great marathon sex? How about if you could satiate both needs at once?

This week here’s the low down on five super foods so yummy they’ll help keep you horny and coming back for more. Supplement your diet today and you could be having the best sex of your life tomorrow… and every day for the rest of your life!

Scrambled, poached or hard-boiled, eggs are a good source of B Vitamins, a key nutrient for keeping your sex drive roaring and your mind clear and stress free. Fatigue, job demands and partying too hard, exhaust your supply of B Vitamins deflating your metabolism and leaving you limp and lethargic. Try taking things easy – over easy with a plateful of eggs rich in Vitamin B now and at breakfast, lunch or supper.

When it comes to eating for great marathon sex, have a heaping bowl of ice cream. Yup, ice cream is endurance food for sex. It has high levels of calcium and phosphorous, two minerals that build your muscles’ energy reserves and boost your libido. All that calcium can add real “oomph” to your orgasms since the muscles that control ejaculation need calcium in order to spasm and contract properly. Just don’t overdo this sweet stuff because ice cream is also high in fat content.

So, you want healthier, better quality sperm? Call in the Brazilians – the Brazil nuts, that is. Brazil nuts are a top source of selenium, a mineral that helps keep sperm cells healthy while also helping the little buggers to swim faster. Brazil nuts are also a great source of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects sperm cells against free radical damage caused by air pollution and other toxins you may soak up all day long.

Do you have a carnivorous side to you? Visit your favorite steak house and chow down on a good lean hunk of steak.  Steak is loaded with zinc, a mineral that boosts libido and enhances arousal during sex. And best of all, eating red meat can help boost your testosterone level while limiting your body’s production of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) – a substance that prevents blood flow to the penis and reduces male sexual stamina. A lean cut of steak a couple times per week can be beneficial, just be careful how you prepare it. Trim excess fat and grilled or broiled is best.

After your slab of lean juicy meat, finish the evening with a couple of delightfully sinful pieces of dark chocolate. The cocoa in chocolate contains stimulants that increase your body’s sensitivity to touch. Chocolate also contains phenyl ethylamine, a chemical that can give you a slight natural high. Cover your boyfriend in dark chocolate sauce and you’re both destined to enjoy a dessert sure to delight your discriminating palate.