Well, the Mueller report is out and to hear Donald Trump tell it the entire thing contained only a hand-lettered note on wide-ruled notebook paper that read, I like you, do you like me? Circle YES or NO.

I, like many people, believe the entire report needs to be released. But I also never believed that Mueller alone could save us. Trumps presidency is such a colossal mess that one man, even one man with a team of lawyers and a huge budget behind him, cannot save us.

Now Trump and his supporters feel vindicated, getting matching NO COLLUSIONtattoos on their pasty white butt cheeks. If youd like to see a pic of Jared Kushners, just hit him up on WhatsApp.

Regardless of what the Mueller report says, or doesnt say, that doesnt change the fact that we have a dangerously unstable and incompetent leader at the helm. Trump is unfit for office.

But he is also pretty popular with Republicans. Why? Because hes fulfilling his main campaign promise: I will hurt the people you dont like!Mexicans? Check. LGBTQ people? Check. Muslims? Check. The poor? Check. African-Americans? Check. The list goes on.

Heres the thing. The Republican Party has been preaching for decades that government is bad, that it can do nothing positive and that the smaller it is the better. So their appeal to the average Republican voter is, Government aint gonna do shit for YOU, but at least its gonna do shit to THEM.Thats how you get people to vote against their own interests.

Its pretty bleak stuff.

But lets not lose our collective minds. Or try not to, at least. Because we really need to keep them if we want Trump the hell out of office in 2020.

Something to remember: Democrats took control of the U.S. House in 2018. Thats not nothing. Its not enough, mind you, but its a start.

Also, as Mark Harris wrote on Twitter, Without collusion, I’m concerned that the only thing Democrats will be able to use against Trump in 2020 is literally every other issue.

In other words, try something like health care (suggested slogan for Democrats: We arent the ones actively trying to kill you!), the environment (same slogan applies), social security (suggested slogan: No cat food for Grandma!), public schools (Stupid is painful, so lets not), equality (Were the only party that thinks LGBTQ people are human), voting rights (Stop this anti-voting bullshit!), criminal justice reform (Lets stop murdering black men and locking the rest of them in prison for no good reason), etc.

And yet, the Democratic Party has a long history of disappointing the very people it needs support from. If Democrats are to win, my advice: knock it off, Democrats.

Look, you dont need to go very far back in history to see how we got to this point. In fact, you cant go very far back in history because the United States is still a baby as far as countries are concerned.

Weve seen the Democratic Party scrambling to get back to being the party of the people. But there is so much work to do. Its frustrating to a lot of younger and more liberal folks that Democrats arent unanimously calling for single-payer health care, reparations for racial injustice, breaking up corporate juggernauts and impeaching Trump.

But change is slow. And difficult. The Democratic Party isnt a Jet Ski we can just flip to change directions, its a huge cruise ship that takes a long time to turn around. And in the meantime, deck chairs and tables are sliding back and forth and crashing into people as the ship navigates some hella rough seas. Also, everyone on the ship has norovirus. So, its a literal shit storm.

That said, its survivable for most people. But it sucks. And the best way to get through this mess is to work together. Even when we feel sick and tired, literally and figuratively.

Any Democrat vying for the partys nomination would make a far superior leader than Trump. Even the terrible ones. Seriously, the bar really couldnt be set lower.

Trump is an ignorant and cruel man. So its no surprise that hes governing that way. The country is looking to the Democrats to counteract this. But love thy neighboris a hard sell, even though I think some famous guy said it once. As someone so brilliantly posted on Twitter during the first time (or was it the 2nd? Or 3rd? Or …) Republicans were trying to take away health care: its hard to convince someone that they should care about other people if they, you know, dont.

Trump cares only about himself. He is a disaster. Democrats are the only party offering disaster relief. So all hands on deck.