Dear Andreus,

My boyfriend and I have a great relationship.  His mother is amazing, and very supportive, but his dad won’t even talk to us. He is homophobic and cannot come terms with his only son being gay. It has begun causing problems for us, because my boyfriend grew up in a very traditional Latin family, and his father’s approval means a great deal to him.  I feel like he just needs to let it go. What are your thoughts on this?


Casey P.

Dear Casey,

Coming from a Latin family myself, I know how the culture and traditions effect our family life, relationships and social interactions.  There will never be a time where everyone is going to be happy with the choices you make in life. Guess what? That is their problem, not yours.  There is no perfect answer or resolution to this type of situation, and the only thing that you guys should do is focus on each other, and appreciate that you have a relationship with his mother.  Maybe in time, his dad will come around, but if not, it’s not anyone’s fault. You can also talk with his mom about this, and maybe she can have some influence in swaying his father. I hope things work out for the best.

Dear Andreus,

I’m always doing things for my boyfriend. Buying him little gifts here and there, planning romantic nights, and even trips. The issue is that he never does anything like that for me, and I am wondering if he really loves me as much as I love him.  Please help, because I don’t understand why he is not reciprocating. 

Carl J.

Dear Carl,

There is something very important that people tend to not understand, and it causes the demise of a lot of relationships. People love differently. They express their love in different ways. Just because someone does not show their love and/or affection in the same way that you, doesn’t mean that they love you less. People have different capacities, and sometimes based on what they have been taught, they merely express love the best way they know how. Hope that helps!