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RuPauls Drag Race All Stars Season 5 – Derrick Barry

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 5

Episode 1- Derrick Barry

As the show starts we hear Ru’s voice saying: It’s a new season, and its new all-star rules. As previously reported the All Stars for this season are: Shea Coulee, Miz Cracker, Alexis Mateo, Blair St. Clair, Mariah Paris Balenciaga, India Ferrah, Jujubee, Derrick Barry, Mayhem Miller, and Ongina. 

Ru comes into the workroom and tell the All Stars that they have the power as it will be a Ru-mocracy, but doesn’t say anymore….ok, ok, here it is…This season there will only be 1 winner per episode and they will lip sync against a “lip sync assassin,” and if they win they get the $10,000 tip (or any money that has rolled over) and get to decide who goes home from the bottom contestants. If they do not win, the remaining contestant’s votes decides who goes home. 

For the first Mini Challenge, the library is open, and it’s time for reading, because what? Reading is fundamental, and the guest judge is Ricky Martin. Ricky picks the winner and it’s a tie: Jujubee & Blair St Clair, who each won a $2000 Gift Card from Marek and Richard. 

Ru then goes on to explain that the Work the World tour has starred legends like, Aquaria, Violet Chachki  and Bob the Drag Queen, etc., and for this week’s Maxi challenge the All Stars will be headlining the Work The World variety Tour showcasing their Uniqueness, Charisma Nerve and Talent. 

We find out in the workroom that Derrick and India are enemies….of course there has to be some drama…LOL!! 

The Talents they choose to perform are:

Alexis – a Latin dance number 

Shea – Pole dancing

Mayhem – Lip Sync number

Mariah – Spoken word/singing dramatic Lip sync number with red paint signifying blood. 

Miz Cracker – Comedy dance number with a death drop

Blair – sings live 

Ongina- dance number 

Derrick – does celebrity impersonations 

Jujubee – sings live

India – Dance number


In the end Ru chooses India to win this week, which I agree with and the bottom 2 are Derrick and Mayhem. Here is where I disagree as Ongina was clearly the worst, as she let her nerves get a hold of her and the performance was a mess.  


India lip syncs against Season 11 winner, Yvie Oddly, and Yvie wins, so it is up to the all-stars who goes home and they send Derrick to sashay away. 


It was a pleasure to sit down with Derrick for this Hotspots exclusive interview: 


How has your life changed since you were on Drag Race?

Oh my god, I have traveled to more cities and countries than I ever thought I would because of drag race. There are many venues that wouldn’t book me even though I had been on America’s Got Talent and a residency in Vegas. To get to go to places like Brazil and the UK, which were places I always wanted to go is amazing. It was great to be a part of the Drag Race franchise. 


What has been some of your favorite cities to visit as a RuPaul Alumni?

Going to Paris was probably one of my favorites, and I got to spend a week there so it was fab!! I toured Brazil with Jujubee and it was amazing. And to be with Jujubee made it extra special. 


How exciting was it to get called back for All Stars? Did you consider not coming back, and if so what made you come back?  

I thought I may be on All Stars 4, but I didn’t get asked until 5. I immediately said yes and then the fear came in and I got nervous. It became very scary, but if I don’t show up I would never know how it happens, so I showed up. 


How did you prepare differently for all stars than you did the first time you were on the show?

I met with several designers and had each designer make one to two things for the show as I didn’t want to overload anyone. In addition, mentally I was more prepared, especially for the criticism that comes across from social media. I’m not going to be liked by everybody especially being on reality TV and I am now ok with that. 


How did you and your b/fs meet, and how does the thruple relationship work for you guys? 

I met Nick in 2005 at Pamela Andersons fashion show and we got together in 2007, and 5 years later we met Nebraska (McKenzie). Being in a three-way relationship is great as you always have a mediator. It’s important as I am very opinionated. To have 2 people that can ground me or help me see a different perspective is amazing. They really do help me see the other side.


How did you get cast on RuPaul’s Drag Race Live and tell me about the show? 

I was so excited, as I had been hearing about the show in the making for years, and then last July after we filmed All-stars I got a call from World of Wonder asking if I would be a part of it. I immediately said yes. I truly feel doing all stars led to that. The show is amazing, and it looks like we will be back very soon. 


Now that you have been eliminated, who do you want to win?

Absolutely Jujubee. I was team Jujubee walking in and I absolutely love her. She is such a positive person, and loves her fans. She is just a real person, and just an absolute queen…she deserves it!  


What’s Ahead for Derrick? 

Tickets are on sale for August for Drag Race live. I am also waiting for my next opportunity to make a splash on TV! 


Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you want to talk about?  

Yes, I want everyone to know, that it is ok to experience confusion or depression during this crazy time and they are not alone feeling that way. I urge them to please surround themselves with people that uplift them. Also, laughter is the best medicine. 


For more information on Derrick, follow her at: Instagram.com/Derrickbarry


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