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Miami’s own Evan Peix is injecting caliente Latino flavor into today’s gay underground dancefloor with two energetic new singles, “Tu Si” and “Me Elevas.”  The songs are part of a music genre called “Guaracha,” a sound that originated in Cuba and acclaimed for combining a rapid tempo with bold lyrics.  “I was introduced to Guaracha two years ago while in Colombia,” Evan explains from his Miami home.  “A cab driver played Fumaratto’s ‘Me Provocas’ and it literally threw me into a three-minute trance! I went into the studio to try my hand at Guaracha.  That’s when ‘Tu-Si’ was born.”  Written and produced by Evan Peix, “Tu Si” and it’s follow-up single, “Me Elevas”, are being distributed independently and are available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms.  The videos are available on YouTube.

Both videos echo the frenetic, sultry joy of the singles.  Directed by Evan Piex and Jorgino Freire, many of the dancers, including Malik Delgaty, who poses with a ball python in “Tu Si,” are models Evan regularly collaborates with on his OnlyFans page.  “It’s important for me that my songs and videos reflect the same Evan Peix that guys know from OnlyFans,” Evan says.  “For me, the singer and the social influencer are intertwined.   Everything I create reflects my art and sexuality.”

After dropping out of high school at 18, Evan moved to Miami with $500 in his pocket. “I found a room in Little Havana, Miami for $300 and spent the rest on protein shakes and a gym membership.  I couldn’t afford furniture, so I slept on a piece of cardboard.”

He found a job bussing tables but wasn’t very good at it.  “I dropped more than one plate on the lap of an unfortunate diner,” he recalls.   A gym buddy suggested he try stripping and when he did, he found it to be, in his words, “easy as breathing”.    It was also very lucrative.  He saved his first $60,000 and enrolled in audio engineering school.   “Fans are always surprised with how multifaceted I am,” he continues.  “I produce songs, create and edit videos, play instruments, dance, sing, tumble… give me a stripper pole and prepare to be amazed!”

It was a pleasure to sit down with our cover model directly following his Hotspots shoot for this exclusive Hotspots interview.

When did you start singing?

I started in the Mickey Mouse club of Bolivia. The version was called “Unitoons.” That show produced many children who went on to be stars. We released many albums growing up. 

What was your first single?

“Tu-Si,” and it came out 6 months ago.

When did you decide to sing professionally?

I always had it in me, and since my fans were asking for it, I jumped in all the way about a year ago.

As an artist how are you unique from everyone else in the industry?

I do “Only Fans” (@evanpeix) and I mix my sexuality with music. A lot of the models I work with are in my music videos. Plus following the filming of the music videos, we shoot part 2 for our adult sites.

What would be your ideal career?

I am living my ideal career thanks to all my fans. My career is simply being Evan Peix.

Describe yourself in three words?

triple S:  Sexual, Sensual & Smart or triple  X :X-rated, X-plicit xtra smart.

Are you married or single?

So, single it tingles.

Describe your perfect man?

Someone who is supportive of me and who is goal oriented. I like the green guy that appears on the $100 dollar bill. He’s probably not perfect but supportive.

What do you do for fun?

I love pole dancing. I have one in my living room.

What’s ahead for you?

I’m a go getter and I love to encourage people to do so. I really envision myself helping others with my “Dreamer Project.” This is a movement that I run that helps people be bold and accomplish their dreams despite upheavals. If anyone wants to help, go to: Gofundme.com and search for “Dreamer Project.”

In addition, you can catch me performing my music at Palace Bar in Miami on Saturday, March 5 at 9pm. 


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