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Don’t Allow Bruised to Evolve into Broken

Dear Andreus, Everything I knew of my relationship was just shattered this past Christmas.  My boyfriend and I had dinner with our closest friends, and...

My Partner’s Drinking Makes Me Question My Sobriety

Dear Andreus, I am in recovery and have been for about 3 years now.  My current girlfriend likes to drink and does it frequently.  She...

How Do I Deal with a Bisexual Boyfriend?

Dear Andreus, My boyfriend is bisexual. I know that he also likes to have sex with women, and it never really bothered me until recently....

My Boyfriend Came Home with an STD

Dear Andreus, My boyfriend came home with an STD.  He swears that he has not cheated, and that it must have been me that gave...

My Hookup Wants a Relationship

Dear Andreus, I have been hooking up with the same guy for a while.  We met on Grindr, and it has always only been a...

My Boyfriend’s Gay Brother is Hitting On Me

Dear Andreus, My boyfriend’s brother has been coming over to visit our place frequently.  They were estranged and hadn’t spoken for years because of some...