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How Do I Tell My Hookup to ‘Clean’ Better Next Time?

Dear Andreus, I started seeing this super-hot guy, and finally we decided to have sex.  He’s a bottom, which is perfect, because I prefer being...

I Hooked Up With My Best Friend—Now He Wants More

Dear Andreus, I have quite a dilemma.  About a month ago, I went bar-hopping with a close friend.  We both got plastered, and instead of...

My Boyfriend Wants an Open Relationship

Dear Andreus, My boyfriend wants to open our relationship. We have been together for 10 years, and he says that we are strong enough to...

I’m Dating My Ex Boyfriend’s Brother

Dear Andreus, Roughly ten years ago I used to live in NY. While there, I dated this exceptionally nice guy, and the only reason it...

My Friend Revealed My HIV Positive Status

Dear Andreus, I am HIV positive and have been for many years.  I live a healthy life and maintain an undetectable status.  Even though a...

My Boyfriend Raised His Hand to Me

Dear Andreus, My boyfriend and I recently had an argument, and though we have disagreements sometimes like every couple, this time was different.  He gets...