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My Boyfriend Wants an Open Relationship

Dear Andreus, My boyfriend wants to open our relationship. We have been together for 10 years, and he says that we are strong enough to...

I Hooked Up With My Best Friend—Now He Wants More

Dear Andreus, I have quite a dilemma.  About a month ago, I went bar-hopping with a close friend.  We both got plastered, and instead of...

How Do I Tell My Hookup to ‘Clean’ Better Next Time?

Dear Andreus, I started seeing this super-hot guy, and finally we decided to have sex.  He’s a bottom, which is perfect, because I prefer being...

My Boyfriend’s Gay Brother is Hitting On Me

Dear Andreus, My boyfriend’s brother has been coming over to visit our place frequently.  They were estranged and hadn’t spoken for years because of some...

My Boyfriend Came Home with an STD

Dear Andreus, My boyfriend came home with an STD.  He swears that he has not cheated, and that it must have been me that gave...

How Do I Deal with a Bisexual Boyfriend?

Dear Andreus, My boyfriend is bisexual. I know that he also likes to have sex with women, and it never really bothered me until recently....