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Beasley December 10, 2009


“Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns rather than holding hands?” – Ernest Gaines



“Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns rather than holding hands?” – Ernest Gaines


Birthdays December 10-16

Jerry Miles of the new J. Miles Off Las Olas shop on the 12th, Johnny’s favorite Uncle Al on the 10th, Fritz Ann of Smarty Pants on the 12th, Scott, Carlos Fernandez (Hi-Life Café) on the 15th, Fred C., Holly Rock, Rick Aselton, Chris Nicolas, Mike Rambeau, Johnny’s long time bartender Andy on the 10th, Tim Forinash, D.J. Casablanca, D.J. Tea, Julie Slater of Chic Optique, Sexy, well endowed Jim on the 10th, Donn Williams on 14th, Tom, Cathy Grey, Cari S., Mark Smith, Rick S., Darren Federer, Aunt Roth, Marisa, Randy, Jarrett Terrill on the 14th, Craig of Orlando’s hot Club Revolution on 16th, Connie Francis on the 12th, Adrian Lanzo on the 13th, Terry Hill (Scandals) on the 11th and Randy Brown (Scandals).


We Hear

That a certain rent guy in his 20’s doesn’t wash the goods between his hourly tricks! UGH ! Shame on you! His used to be high rates have diminished also… GOOD!


That the grand opening of the Manor will be on Wednesday the 16th.The complex includes a restaurant, ultra lounge and a night club. My very best wishes and congratulations to Paul Hugo and Brett Tannenbaum on this fabulous addition to the Drive. Some are calling it “the house that Beamish built” in reference to international designer Michael Beamish, who designed the spectacular venue!


That the Birdcage is offering homestyle meatloaf with mashed potatoes and salad served by their all star servers for five bucks!


That this is the weekend Sean David and Bel Ami present the Peters Twins, appearing live in their first USA appearance on Saturday, December 12th and Sunday, December 13th at Club 11 with two shows nightly. Also earlier on the 13th Matt, the King of Sin, becomes saintly and presents a benefit for Kids in Distress. Please bring a new unwrapped toy or gift certificate of appropriate value and Matt will buy your drinks from 5 to 8 pm, plus free valet parking and food. Bartender Matt comes on at 2 pm with sidekick Chris (of mushroom head south of the belt fame!).


That www.Manhunt.com presents www.JetSetMen.com porn star Trevor Knight at the Boardwalk on Friday and Saturday, December 18th and 19th. Size queens should be impressed as Trevor is famous for his nine and a halfer. Also make your plans for New Year’s Eve when the famed Boardwalk will present the gay married couple the Jarics, appearing December 31st and January 1st through the 3rd.


That a certain very popular, long, lean, lithe and limber bartender whose equipment matches his body has the ability to perform auto-fellatio and is in big demand for holiday parties!


That the beautiful, multi-talented Jennifer McClain is appearing live in the Manchester Room at the Alibi Saturdays from 8 to 9 and 10 pm in a must see holiday show! Think of the Alibi for your holiday catering; they provide many private rooms at Alibi and Bill’s for your guests as well as service at your home.


That the very hot 225 lb body builder is still being spotted at a towel club with a hot guy carrying an even hotter eight from zip 33304! Sorry, no names on this one.


That a very hunky guy surrendered to his bf’s fantasy of separately seducing their two best friends. The plan worked and then they showed the two seductions during cocktails at their home with the two stars present! I tell ya, the truth is stranger than fiction!


That Bottoms &Tops presents a meet and greet with the Peters Twins sponsored by Bel Ami and Johnny’s on Sunday, December 13th from 4 to 6 pm at the famous store located in the Shoppes of Wilton Manors. Plus 50% off selected merchandise! A true best bet!


That Mona’s is preparing for their annual Christmas Grab Bag event on December 26th. Owner Jerry Schultz has already wrapped over five hundred gifts and is still wrapping everything from cash to gowns to treats. It’s always one of the top events in our town and packed, so plan to arrive early (like at noon!), but then you already know about this biggie, so this is just a reminder and everyone will be there. Save the date, my friends. See you there.


This is it for this one, but remember drunk love is dark, sweaty and sexy so try it BUT please remember to double bag it and play, drink and drive safely this holiday season and always!


Mrs. Beasley



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