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Florida Resolutions for 2011

New Years 2011 Resolutions – Compiled by Sheri Elfman

Floridians tell us what they plan to do for the New Year


Michael Albetta, President of the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus:

“As it states in Declaration of Independence that are people are created equal….and treated equal.”

Ken Kelley, owner of Scandals and The Stable:

“To finally reach my goal height of 6′!”

Reece Darham, President of the Rainbow Business Coalition of Fort Lauderdale:

Work out more and to lose weight.

Josue Santiago, Editor of Genre Latino Magazine:

To realize the new vision of Genre Latino Magazine with an A-class team to deliver a publication that the Latino community can be proud of.

D. Stephen Moss, Chief Executive Officer, Florida Entertainment Group:

“To spread love, joy and happiness…mostly to my boyfriend and my dog.”

Jackson Padgett and Mark Negrete, owners of Alibi Wilton Manors and Bill’s Filling Station:

“To live strong, laugh often and love much.”

George Castrataro, owner of the Law Offices of George Castrataro, PA:

“I want to take time each and every day to deliberately acknowledge and appreciate the little things that sometimes can be unnoticed when life gets too hectic….sometimes the little things bring us empathy, joy, hope, faith, and laughter.”

Nikki Adams, Community Liaison/ Event Coordinator at Broward House:

“I resolve to let the people closest to me know that I love them.”

Benjamin Antipuna, ME Productions, Director of Creative Services:

“To get involved in a GLBT athletic community organization.”

David Baker, of Flamingo Resort:

“To take more time for myself. I’ve worked non-stop trying to get the Flamingo ‘flying’ over the past two years and could use some time away- like maybe to Spain!”

Deidra Bergmann, Director Events & Fundraising of ThePetProject and a member of the Board of Directors for SunServe:
“To expand services for foster care of companion pets and develop a foundation and a no-kill home for, unwanted senior animals. Also, to establish a GLBTQ for the 16-21 year olds that a not covered by government systems.”

Pompano Bill, Hotspots Photographer:

“Instead of a love touch, it will be the real thing.”

Chris Caputo, MetroMediaWorks:

“1. Run 2 marathons this season and a sub 20 minute 5 K.
2. Give $10,000 and 10% of my time away to South Florida charities.
3. Double MetroMediaWorks revenue again this year… and celebrate with quarterly vacations!”

George Coronado, Give Me A Beat Productions:

“To continue growing as a human being and a professional and to pursue happiness in whats really important in life: love, health, compassion and good karma.”

Terry DeCarlo, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Broward House:

“To live, laugh, listen and love a little more and not take everything so seriously! Life is way too short!”

A.J. Cross, manager of Johnny’s:

“To give up listening to drama and follow what I know is right in my heart.”

Vegas Dion, Manager of Discotekka:

“My New Years’ resolution is to give back…first, much of my experience to a familiar face whom I’ve had in mind for a long time, I want her to shine! And second, to keep working and striving so that we at Discotekka can keep offering you the best entertainment and fiercest theme parties in town!”

Howard Elfman, Broker/Owner of Weichert Realtors-Distinctive Homes:

“My goal is to double the number of quality agents at Weichert Realtors-Distinctive Homes.”

Edison Farrow, of SoBe Social Club:

“I have to get back to the gym and especially cardio classes. I have been slacking lately.”

Don Granastein, of Parliament House:

“I’m going to make Parliament House the best place in the world in 2011.”

Scott Hall, founder of Gay American Heroes Foundation:
“To learn to speak Spanish. My job is to get our message out about LGBT hate crimes and to build the National Rainbow Memorial and to show all the good that will come from it by fighting Hate and Teaching Love and Latin America is one of the hardest hit by LGBT hate crimes. So, to be able to speak their language and help our Latin LGBT brothers and sisters here and down south.”

Brenda Holloway, Hampton Inn, Ybor City:

“Love, laugh and live more than I did in 2010!”

Linda Jain, Program Operations Manager of The Pride Center at Equality Park:

“To learn something new.”

Marty Kildea, co-owner of Sidelines Sports Bar:

“I pledge to live each day happy and to the fullest.”

Kurt King, of Hamburger Mary’s Tampa:

“Every year, I make a New Years Resolution and never stick to it. My New Years’ Resolution  is  to spend more time with my partner of 20 years [Larry] and to be the best that I can with everything I do. That is simple and easy – and maybe lose 100lbs and stop smoking (laughs). Those two are allways on the list.”

Mark Lowe, co-owner, Living Room Nightclub:

“For the world – I wish for equality – for everyone – and the right to marry who you love regardless of gender. For me, personally, to get some sleep.”

Michael Murphy, of Michael Murphy Photography:

“I resolve to keep the new studio office clean and organized until at least March!”

Jack Rutland, Executive Director, Stonewall Library and Archives:

“I am a bit of a fanatic. When I make a New Year’s resolution, I keep it, so I always make them very cautiously. This year, I resolve to actually eat some food, learn how to sleep and grow taller.”

Jason Tamanini, Manager, The Manor:

“My New Years’ resolution is to travel more this year – and to wear ties more! They need to be brought back!”

Al Ferguson, Vice President of AlandChuck.travel:
“Personally, it’s to lose some weight.  I know, it’s boring and the same old thing, but we can dream at the beginning of the New Year, can’t we?  Professionally, I hope our gay community can work closer together to support each other to overcome this slow economy. Gay business to gay business – and gay consumers voting for  the businesses that really serve their interests. (note: Vote=Dollars)”



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