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Design Trends For The Season

Hotspots Magazine wants to keep you on the cutting edge of interior design style, so we spoke with some experts on the topic. Here’s what we found out about upcoming trends.


Hotspots Magazine wants to keep you on the cutting edge of interior design style, so we spoke with some experts on the topic. Here’s what we found out about upcoming trends.

Mikey Verdugo
President of Elite Home Staging and Verdugo Design Group
Former contestant of HGTV’s Design Star – Mikeyv.com

The Classic Italian style from the 17th century is back with a modern twist.

The key elements of this style are:

  • Ornate wood carvings in the furniture and wall treatments
  • Traditional highly detailed accessories that have modern finishes such as high gloss black and white or even a chrome metallic finish
  • Elaborate floral damask patterns that are toned down with a more sleek and modern appeal


The colors commonly associated with this style are deep and rich colors such as crimson, cobalt blue, teal, and plum yet they often include elements of black and white. Wall treatments such as wood moldings and paneling are an important feature to cover the walls of these elaborate rooms in order to warm up the space and bring attention up from the floors which are commonly a high gloss glass floor, marble, or terrazzo.

The key to successfully executing this style is to take the traditional Italian elements and simplify them into a space with clean modern lines and include an element of the unexpected to maintain interest. The interesting thing about modern baroque is that it can be infused not only with a modern space but with many other base styles, allowing each individual to control how much or how little of the baroque influence they want to feel.

Scott Decubellis
President of The Sofa Bed Company
3950 North Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale

Right now the trend is very minimal — clean lines are very important right now. Convenience is important. Our company specializes in sleep sofas, so to be able to put a sofa — that is also a bed — in a room is very convenient because a lot of people are downsizing because of the economy. They need to maximize their space. Color choices tend to be on the bold side. People are getting over the beiges and tans.

Jerry Marino
Owner of Decades Design Group Inc., with partner Miguel Schaffino
1500 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale
and 2661 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale

Our stores are very different from each other — one has mid-century furniture and one has traditional furniture. We’re finding that people are looking for easy living, clean lines and less fussy things that are a little more common. Also, natural woods are back and natural fibers.

Chuck Conlon
Assistant Manager
Island City Traders
2450 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors

There’s been a been push towards natural woods and more organic pieces — more rough textures of woods with a more contemporary twist to them, but not quite rustic. People are still into a lot of white — white leathers, lacquer, chrome and glass pieces. Also, a lot of neutrals and taupe’s have been big, to go with the organic pieces.

Michael Russo
Artist, furniture designer

I’m all for organic looking designs and that’s a big word in vocabulary these days — things that come from nature and things that signify growth — these are catch phrases that I use to describe my work. I like things to have curvaceous look to them so they unfold like a flower. These are ideas that I like to use in my furniture and spaces. I like continuous flowing views — so when you look down the hallway, you don’t see a dead-end. I always notice that there is a lot of talk in the tropics about bringing the outdoors in, but I’m more about tying it all together. I like floors that start inside and continue outside and unobstructed views of the garden.



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