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Toronto Pride has Grown into One of the Largest Pride Celebrations in the World

With Wilton Manors Stonewall Street Festival and Parade one week away, I came across this fun and campy promo video promoting one of the largest PRIDE celebrations in the world. With a parade that is watched by over 1 million festival goers annually, Toronto Pride has grown into one of the largest Pride Celebrations in the world.

Championing the rights of all facets of Toronto’s diverse queer community, from Family Pride to the Dyke March to the Trans March to a boisterous street festival with everything in between, Toronto Pride has something for every queer.  Toronto Pride is a week long celebration starting June 24th and culminating with their parade on July 3rd. 

Since Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors have become the #1 Gay Tourist Destination in the USA, we can certainly hope that our PRIDE celebration can reach the level of our northern neighbors one day. With a lot of hard work and a community focused on working together I am sure we could certainly declare ourselves the #1 Pride Celebration in the years to come.  So – you need to get in shape by next weekend?  Take a look at this video and maybe…just maybe, you will be rock hard by our June 19th celebration.  If not, get yourself up to Toronto in a few weeks and party on – eh!



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