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Our Cover Model: The Inventor

axel_banAn Exclusive Interview with the Inventor of the “Axelband Magnetic Bar”

The sexy man adorning our cover this week, Axel Ballesteros, is not only a well-known bartender around South Florida, but he’s also an inventor and entrepreneur as he invented the Axelband Magnetic Bar.

The Axelband Magnetic Bar Gear line of products consists of two magnetic, wearable gadgets:  Their flagship and highly popular Armband Edition, and the brand new, and ultra sleek Mini Holster Edition. Both editions provide you with unmatched speed, and convenient access to the most crucial tools you need to perform your very best behind the bar.

The more you utilize the Axelband Magnetic Bar Gear, the more it becomes an extension of you, giving you intuitive access to your bar blade/bottle opener, wine key/opener, ink pen and LED flashlight, all at once! In one sleek, portable device you can comfortably wear at all times that you won’t even know it’s there!

It was a pleasure to sit down with Axel to discuss his inventions.

What is the difference between Armband Edition and the Mini Holster Edition?

The Armband Edition and the Mini Holster feature the same convenience and benefits. The only difference is where and how they are worn. Also, the Armband Edition comes in three different sizes and the Mini Holster is of one-size fits all, and can be worn in multiple places around your waist/hips.

Where is the Axelband made?

Both Axelband editions are handmade and assembled in the USA, by Winston Manufacturing Inc.  Opa-Locka, Florida.

What kinds of materials are used in making the Axelband?

The Armband Edition is made with sweatproof, moisture-wicking, and breathable Dryflex material for the ultimate comfort, as well as fine leather, spandex and neoprene finishing for durability and style, strong rare earth magnets are used in both editions. The Mini Holster edition features fine genuine leather construction, and a padded all-around design with built-in magnetic closure for maximum comfort while still maintaining its sleek look and portability.

Why is the Axelband Armband Edition not made with velcro straps?

Velcro straps have proven to be of a lesser quality than our moisture wicking Dryflex material. During prototyping and testing, Velcro straps were also proven to be less durable, and more likely to become undone while detaching the bottle opener or wine opener with the constant impact of these tools against the magnets.

Will the magnets stay on the Axelband?

Yes, they will stay on. The Axelband Magnetic Gear line of products is fabricated with the best quality standards; current prototypes have been tested on the job for periods of 12 months with no occurrences. We are so confident about our quality manufacturing that we will trade or replace any defective product.

What is the Deluxe Set, and which are its components?

The Deluxe set includes all of the most essential tools required on the job. It comes with your choice of the Armband or Mini Holster Edition, the Triple Function LED flashlight/pen/stylus, the speed bottle opener, and a complimentary utility sports bag to store all of your Axelband goodies and more!

What are the features of the Triple Function pen?

The triple function pen is the quintessential multifunction gadget. It works wonders behind the bar and beyond with its powerful LED flashlight, you can illuminate customer checks, light up dark coolers, find lost items on the floor, etc. The ink pen allows you to have a backup pen on you all the time, without the stress of losing or misplacing it. The stylus can be used safely on all touch screen electronic devices, and comes in perfect when your hands get wet and you don’t want to damage your phone! This pen simply makes the perfect gift for just about anybody!

What are the Axelband cleaning instructions?

Please clean your Axelband Magnetic Devices by hand ONLY. Avoid pouring water directly over the magnetic pads, clean by using a wet towel, and dry magnet areas immediately after with a dry cloth. Sit and let dry device on its own at room temperature.

What precautions should be taken when wearing Axelband?

The Axelband Magnetic Gear devices contain powerful magnets. If you have a pacemaker or other implantable device please consult your physician before using. Magnets may cause damage to computers, electronic media, if left uncovered the magnets in your Axelband may cause damage to credit or debit cards. As long as you always keep your bottle opener on top of the magnetic pad of your Axelband, you will not have any problems, guaranteed.

Can I attach a cellphone to my Axelband?

For the reasons given above about magnet safety, at this time we don’t recommend to attach any electronic devices to your Axelband magnets or any other magnetic surface. We are constantly working on developing new ways of expanding the uses of our magnetic gear, please stay tuned for the latest updates.

What kind of tools can and cannot be used with the Axelband?

Do not use your Axelband with any exposed sharp objects under no circumstances. Avoid placing very large objects on the magnets. Use your Axelband safely with your bar blade, wine opener, and triple function LED pen, and please use common sense when dealing with magnetic devices.

For more information about the Axelband or to stay on top of updates and new inventions go to TheAxelBand.com.




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