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Spain’s ES Collection makes most American athletic fashions look like your granddaddy’s black stretch socks. The ES fall-winter 2014 line continues the brand’s dominance with gear and accessories that are dripping with sweat and packed to the brim with sensuality.

Nir Zilberman, the head of ES Collection USA, discusses the collection of sporty perfection and why American fans of the brand will fall in love with this collection.

How did ES become such a popular brand?
ES Collection is playful, yet it’s serious when it comes to innovative design.

What was missing in men’s underwear before ES came along?
The design feature that no other label has been able to match is the brief’s frontal pouch. It’s like the Wonderbra for women. It holds its shape and accentuates the man perfectly. Also, ES Collection uses the finest fabrics.

ES ad campaigns have been described as “highly sexual.” How far is too far?
I don’t see our campaigns as sexual. They’re sensual.

How does ES define “sensuality”?
Less is more, and clothing must fit perfectly and comfortably.

The US is the only place where the speedo has been taboo for so long…is that changing?
It certainly is. American guys are growing more and more confident with their bodies. Even with boxer-style trunks, the hems are coming up because it just looks better.

What is new at ES?
The brand has grown to become more of a lifestyle brand with belts, jeans, jackets, shoes, accessories as well as our most recent product, cologne.

What are your suggestions for guys who want to look good in their underwear?
Wear what fits. We make silhouettes for all different bodies. Guys have to recognize what looks good on them based on their body type.

Is there a way to determine the style of underwear that works best for a body type?
Generally speaking, guys under 5’7″ look best in bikini briefs. It gives them a few inches on their legs, making them appear taller. Guys over 5’9″ can wear any style of briefs.

The entire Winter 2014 ES Collection is available exclusively at ESCollectionUSA.com.



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