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Micky Friedman: “Honest. Perfectionist. Soulful” spins at Score


After ending his dance career in 2004, he took to the turntables and one short year later he was offered to play in a New York City club, which was the beginning of his ascent to circuit stardom. Less than nine years later he has played all over the world and is one of the most sought after DJs in the gay circuit scene. It was a pleasure to sit down with sexy Micky (have you seen that body?) for an exclusive Hotspots interview just prior to him spinning at Score.

At what age did music become important in your life?

Music has been a part of my life since I was born. I come from a very musical family and I started flute and piano lessons at the age of six.

What people may not know about you is that before your professional music career you were a soloist dancer and choreographer for the Berlin Ballet. Tell me about that experience.

At age 11 I discovered ballet and my dream was to become a professional ballet dancer. I joined the ballet and music academy in Jerusalem. At 16 I got a scholarship at the SF ballet school.

I joined the school for two years, then went back to Israel to join the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) for three years. After the army I joined five different ballet companies as a soloist before becoming a DJ and music producer.

Many people find it surprising I made such a rapid change in my life, from a classical dancer to a DJ. To me the two worlds have a lot in common. Ballet and nightlife may seem a lot different but I see many parallels in the two worlds. They both involve music, dance  and the entertaining of emotions and senses of people.

How did you get started in the club world?

I started going out to clubs as a teenager on the weekends. Club music was a genre I enjoyed very much as a contrast to classical music. I never planned on being a professional DJ, but I always wanted to learn how to spin records. I bought two turn tables and a mixer and taught myself to mix music with vinyls just for fun as a hobby. I played for friends at private parties or birthday cocktails. In 2004 I ended my ballet career as a first soloist. I was not sure what I wanted my next profession to be. The life in the theater was very special annd finding a new job with the same passion as I had for ballet was very challenging. Bernie Colling, a great friend of mine from Johannesburg, told me to compile a promo CD and give it to different promoters in Berlin.

I started playing in small clubs and lounges until one day I was asked to be the resident in a new club that opened in Berlin called ‘Bangalu’. I played Bangalu for a year and in 2005 I was offered to play in a club in New York City. That night in New York was the big turning point in my career.

An important DJ manager in the USA came to hear my set. He saw potential in me and decided to promote me for the North American circuit music scene. I signed a contract with him and my career took off on an international level.

What are some of the major cities you have spun in?

Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Moscow, Beijing, Taipei, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Athens, Paris, Toronto, Montreal, Mexico City, São Paulo, and Warsaw.

What were your favorite gigs?

The Week – São Paulo; La Leche – Circuit Festival Barcelona;  Ushuaia – Ibiza;  Masterbeat – LA; Prism Pride – Toronto; WE – Madrid Pride

You have done many remixes. What are some of your favorites and why?

“Without Music” – my newest one with Sagi Kariv on Guareber Recordings. I also love “Jerusalem” & “Feel it Inside”  produced together with Alex Botar.

Other than DJing, what do you like to do for fun?

I love movies, spending time with close friends, having good sex and enjoying “me” time at home in Berlin.

Describe Micky Friedman in three words.

Honest. Perfectionist. Soulful.

What does the future hold for Micky Friedmann?

A new big love would be great. I love my life so I can only hope to stay healthy and successful in the future. I don’t ask for much, only to stay as happy as I am right now.

Catch sexy DJ Micky Friedmann spinning this Saturday, February 22, at Score (1437 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) for Bigger Saturdays with a special theme party entitled Erotika

To find out more about Micky you can visit his website at MickyFriedmann.com or on social media at:

Facebook: DJ Micky Friedmann

Instagram: MickyFriedmann.

In addition, you can watch his promotional video at tinyurl.com/mickyfriedmann.



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