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Angel Rock is Conquering the World

The annual Mr. Florida Hookies takes place on Friday, January 30 at 11pm once again at the world famous Boardwalk. Mr. Florida is a preliminary to the International Mr. Hookies escort of the year. This year there are 6 contestants: Ryan Rose, Mario Costa, Marko For All, Johnny Vortec, Andy and Sean Duran all competing to represent our state. Last year’s winner was one of the sexiest men I know, Angel Rock. Angel is not only sexy on the outside, but on the inside as well. It was a pleasure to sit down with Angel for this exclusive Hotspots interview.

What made you get into the adult film industry?

I was young and I needed to do something to pay for my school. It was a good idea and a fun way to make money.

How long were you in the industry?

4 years

What was your favorite film?

A film I did for Jetsetmen.com entitled “Anthony’s Weiner.” It was my first long script I had to read on camera. It was very funny and it was controversial. They even talked about it on CNN.

Were you excited to win Mr. Florida Hookies?

Yes I was very excited to win, as I won over some very strong competitors. Knowing that I would represent Florida was a huge thing for me.

What made you get out of the industry?

I wanted to start my career.

What are you doing for work these days?

I run my own production company producing main stream media and advertisement.

What’s ahead Angel Rock?

I am currently getting ready to shoot a documentary on Gay Porn stars and adult entertainment stars (go-go dancers, etc). I am planning on getting a masters in Cinematography and to keep studying and stay in this field that I love. I have lots of dreams. I also want to have a family, I love kids!

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