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To Your Health: Quick Script Pharmacy


Ever since opening Quick Script Pharmacy back in the fall of 2009, pharmacists Sam Fawaz and his wife, Yanira Rodriguez, have prided themselves on running an efficient business that rewards the patient. Not only do they offer competitive pricing and take most health insurance, their pharmacy is one of the speediest in South Florida, with an average fill time of less than five minutes. Can’t come to the pharmacy? They deliver within a five-mile radius of the pharmacy, which is located at 2408 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors.

I spoke with Sam Fawaz about his pharmacy and what sets the pharmacy he shares with his wife apart from others in the area.

Where did you pursue your higher education?

I earned my degree from Ferris State University in Michigan.

Your website talks about a one-on-one consultation that you administer to each new patient. Can you tell us what that entails?

Basically, we ask them a series of questions, with the most important one being “Do you know what this medication is for?” That seems like an obvious question, but it’s really important because it’s a safety check so that the prescription matches the condition the patient is treated for. We also tell them about the side effects of their medications, which they may not experience but at least they will not be alarmed if they are aware of the possibility.

We also tell them how long it will take before the drugs they are taking go into effect. There’s also the chance of severe reactions; we tell patients what those are for their medications and what to do in case a severe reaction occurs. Finally and most importantly, if they have any allergies we aren’t aware of, they tell us so we can avoid any possible allergic reactions to the drugs.

What are some of the biggest questions your pharmacists get from new patients and how do they alleviate their concerns? 

The biggest concern I usually hear is, “Are my prescriptions going to be a different price here as opposed to anywhere else?” A lot of times patients don’t know that if they have insurance, they can go pretty much anywhere else they like to have their prescriptions filled with the same copay. We actually go the extra mile and help patients obtain copay assistance cards that can lower their copay even down to nothing, sometimes. Actually, today, I had someone who switched over last month and he found out that he no longer owes a copay and he’s been paying it faithfully. He didn’t know he could save that money.

Another concern I hear a lot deals with our hours of operation. We are not a 24-hour pharmacy, but to make up for it, we do free delivery. If someone can’t make it to the pharmacy because they’re working, they can ask for it to be delivered to their house.

Quick Script Pharmacy has been open now for nearly six years. What kind of experience do you offer at your pharmacy that perhaps other pharmacies do not?

The biggest thing we have over any other pharmacy, and I can say this comfortably, is our speed. When we fill prescriptions around here, it doesn’t take any more than four or five minutes before it’s out of here. If someone has pain or is nauseous and needs their medicine immediately, we can get it to them. Yanira and I have worked for many chains and that kind of service is rare.

If someone doesn’t have insurance, can they still get their prescriptions filled there?

Absolutely. In fact, I would advise people who don’t have insurance to come in, because our prices are very competitive and many places can’t beat the prices that we have here.

How easy is it for a patient to make Quick Script Pharmacy their full-time pharmacy?

It’s very easy. Just show up and we’ll call and get their insurance information and their medications and we take care of the rest. If they have prescriptions coming up that don’t need to be filled right away, we can put them on hold until the patient is ready to have them filled.

Quick Script Pharmacy is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. For more information, call (954) 514-7685 or e-mail them directly at info@quickscriptpharmacy.com. Their website, quickscriptpharmacy.com, offers patients the option of refilling their prescriptions online.

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