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A Letter from MiFo Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Board Chair Mark Gilbert


To our festival supporters:

With the launch of our new name, MiFo LGBT Film Festivals, comes a new era in our history. MiFo is more than a name change, it is a new beginning for our 17-year-old festival. We are so excited about our new name and the changes that will accompany it over the coming months and years.

We are also very excited to be announcing a key change in leadership. I am stepping down as the Interim Executive Director, as it was never my intention to make this a permanent position. I stepped into the role because I truly loved the festival and knew the community did as well. I dedicated the last two years of my life to rebuilding it and making us whole and that is exactly where we are. Today, MiFo is sitting on solid ground and our placement on the LGBT circuit is cemented as one of the premier LGBT film festivals in the world. This year we beat every metric set and our plans are to continue the momentum with our new management.

It gives me great pleasure to announce our new PERMANENT Executive Director, Victor Gimenez. When Victor told me about his desire for the ED position, I said yes without hesitation and endorsed him to the Board immediately. He is organized, passionate, knows film and most importantly, knows and understands the organization. Victor is stepping down as Board Chair, where he led us through our name change, increased Board participation, and grew the Board to nineteen members (twelve men, seven women, and parity between Miami-Dade and Broward members). He has proven himself to be an exemplary manager and partner, and it is the Board’s overwhelming feeling that Victor will make an excellent ED. I am confident that he will emerge in our community, and I ask that you give him the same wonderful support you have given me. Introduce yourself, call and congratulate him — (305) 496-8003.

Rest assured, I am not going anywhere. At our past Annual Meeting, I was elected the Board Chair for the upcoming 2015/2016 fiscal year, and I will be working closely with Victor to help ensure our continued success. Remember, we are a community organization and we do this for you. We do this with the one goal of bringing our community an incredible cultural organization that not only shows wonderful films, but delivers great social and cultural events as well. The only way we grow is with your support. With all of you behind us, not only financially but by being involved, we are sure to have a world-class festival in South Florida. See you all at MiFo Fort Lauderdale, October 9-18.

Warmest regards,

Mark Gilbert

Board Chair, on behalf of your Board of Directors

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