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FashionFIX: Miami Street Style


It’s no big secret that at this time of the year it’s always a bit different for us, in Florida, when it comes to following the rules of men’s fashion. It never really gets cold enough to be able to wear all of the layers that are necessary to wear in the colder climates in fall and winter.  If we are lucky, it gets cool enough to pull off a look consisting of a light sweater underneath a light jacket with jeans when you’re heading out for a night on the town. With that being said, this week I’ll be sharing a little local style from the sexiest city in the world: Miami.

In this climate it really is all about dressing comfortably and appropriately for all of the events that are on your schedule for any given day. While you’re heading to work, whether it’s a day at the office or running around meeting clients, the “status quo” in men’s business attire is shifting to a more relaxed aesthetic. It is not wholly uncommon to see businessmen in sport coats, button-down shirts (with ties, depending on business), and denim rather than slacks. When you’re trying this look, just make sure that the denim you choose is appropriate for the event. If you are going out, then the distressed look is great! Maybe it’s not so great for the office though.

If you have plans for dinner or drinks with friends after work, the transition from day to night is really easy for guys. If you are going somewhere nice, you’re pretty much set with the outfit you wore to work! For those who want to be more relaxed, swap out your button-down shirt for a T-shirt. Any kind will work; a V-neck or a round neck will both look good…and voilà! You are ready to mingle! If you are going to try this trend with a printed T-shirt, then simply make sure that the design on the shirt complements the entire outfit and doesn’t detract from the look in an ostentatious way.

Lastly, for playtime in the Land of the Endless Summer, the key is to dress comfortably enough to enjoy yourself! We can leave the suffering for beauty and fashion to the ladies and their high heels! So, basically, the South Beach staple is the “Muscle Shirt” or the “Men’s Cut Off”.  These are worn everywhere and can be worn with a pair of jeans, dress shorts, gym shorts, sweatpants, underwear…pretty much anything! The key to the muscle shirt is making sure that the cut under the arm isn’t too low for your body type; keep it high enough to keep you looking sexy. It’s a trial and error process, finding how low you can go. A pair of fun-looking sneakers always finishes off a fun, playful look. When picking out your shoes, keep in mind that this is a great place to exude PERSONAL STYLE. Sneakers come in so many styles and colors and really are the finishing touch to the “Miami Look”!

That wraps up this week’s FashionFIX!  Thanks for taking time to check us out and don’t be afraid to try new things when it comes to fashion. After all, they’re just clothes!

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