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Interior Decorating Tips That Will Make Your House Pop!

Fall is a great time to switch things up and redecorate your home. From furniture to accents to even color schemes, there are so many different ways to celebrate your individuality by bringing that flavor into your home. Here are a few tips I have to help you accomplish just that.

If you want to repaint a room, decide what’s going to be in it before picking a color. When we redecorate, we want to change the feeling of the space we’re working on. For example, if you want to redecorate your living room and choose an entirely different color for the walls, first make note of any changes you want to make to the furniture. It’s very easy to buy new furniture, but not as easy to paint an entire room, so keep in mind that your new furniture (whether it be a new couch or just new rugs and tables) will have to match your new walls. If you’re keeping your couch and tables, then you can proceed to picking a color that pairs well with your biggest furniture piece.

Don’t be afraid with experimenting with large furniture items for smaller rooms. If you pair small items with a small room, the entire effect can backfire and the room can look like elves live there! For example, if you want your smaller bedroom to make more of a statement, ditch the queen matress for a California king. Make sure the headboard is large and stands up at least three feet from the top of the mattress. Also, be sure to buy wide dressers and nightstands. Not only will you gain storage space, but these oversized furniture pieces will cause people to take notice…who knew secondary furniture could end up being primary discussion points with your loved ones?

Another way to expand a smaller room is to choose a cool color scheme. Black will open up a small room, especially if there are windows in the room. If you can’t bear to paint your walls black, try colors like royal blue or even maroon. Maroon in particularly will definitely enlarge a room and make it pop at the same time. Be sure to accent the room with a color scheme that consists of the main color plus white or a pastel color such as sky blue. Not only will your room seem bigger, the deep colors will make you feel happier.

One important thing to remember is that lighting is everything in how you perceive your house to be, and what other people think of it. Last year I discussed the importance of having a large number of windows in your house. Luckily, Florida is the kind of state that has beautiful weather year-round, so chances are you already live in a house with lots of light. If you don’t, consider adding extra lighting to places you wouldn’t normally consider doing so, such as your bedroom or your closets. If you like reading in bed, you may want to add extra lighting for mood as well as for reading.

Let’s move to the dining room. Not many people think about their dining rooms as a conversation piece, but why not? You entertain guests there, they share meals and stories and fun experiences with you…why shouldn’t your guests be impressed with your dining room? One unique and fun way to change things up in the dining room is to go to an antique shop or furniture store and pick out some of the most plush chairs you can think of. Don’t get too attached to having a set of chairs; pick whatever feels right. Then bring them into your kitchen and voilà! People will immediately notice your personal style and I’m sure your next dinner party will be a great big hit, and not just because of the food and company!

Finally, let’s discuss smaller accents. The best way to give room life is to add a plant to it. With so many different plants to choose from in Florida, and with so many houses offering abundant light, all you need to do is move the plant of your choice to a corner and water when needed. Tall plants are best because they make the biggest statements. Consider Areca palms and bamboo plants if you are focusing on height. If you want a plant that’s good for a side table, begonia bushes are low-maintenance and provide beautiful color when in bloom.

Were these tips helpful to you? If you’ve taken our lead and implemented at least one of these tips in your house, we want to hear from you! Take a picture and e-mail it to me at mike@hotspotsmedia.com. You may find your picture on our social media pages!

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