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DJs We Love: Joe Gauthreaux will have you dancing at Pride Fort Lauderdale

As one of the most sought after DJs and Producers in the industry, Joe Gauthreaux (pronounced GO TROW…yes, I too have been pronouncing it wrong forever) has a resume full of club appearances and main events that span the last 15 years, and the list ever growing. He has played almost every major circuit event all over the world, including Winter Party Festival, Black Party, White Party Miami, Song Kran Bangkok, New Year’s Rio at The Week, Atlantis Cruises, among others. A staple at major clubs across North America, Brazil and Asia, while holding multi-year residencies in several key markets across the world, his name is synonymous with having an amazing and unique musical experience.

Joe Gauthreaux is the headline DJ at Pride Fort Lauderdale on the beach this Sunday, February 26, and will have you experiencing a musical journey you won’t soon forget.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Joe, just days prior to his appearance at Pride for this exclusive Hotspots Interview.

When did you realize you wanted to be a DJ?

I wanted to be a DJ when I first started going to the clubs. I loved how free I felt going into a nightclub. The freedom, and the energy the DJ gave the club is what peaked my interest. I also fell in love with Music from a kid. I was the one making mixed taped for all my friends.

What was your first residency, and how did that feel?

It was Oz in New Orleans. I walked in there and begged them to let me have a shift, and they did. They had another Saturday night DJ that wasn’t working out so well and one Saturday he got sick and I filled in and the response was so good, the next week I was the Saturday night resident DJ.

You have traveled all over the world. What are your favorite cities to play? 

One of my favorite cities to play is in my home town of New York. I feel the most comfortable and I know I can take the most risks and the crowd will go along with me. I also love Chicago, Atlanta, Brazil and, of course, Miami.

You have done many remixes, what are some of your favorites?

It’s not an official remix, but it is my favorite is  “Call Me” by Blondie.

You co-own your own music label “Prop D Recordings” along with DJ Grind. How did that come about and tell me more about the label?   

I started it as a place to release my own music. I wanted to do something to set myself apart and express myself on a personal level. I finally got myself to a point in my career that I could write my own music and feel proud of it and get it out there.

However, I got a better response than I anticipated. DJ Grind and I formed a friendship when he remixed my single “You are my Family” and then we worked on more projects together. He released his next single on my label. He basically complimented me and we decided to work together and take this to the next level. We are now bringing on other artists that we believe in and that fit the message that we are trying to get out.

You are now a Billboard Recording Artist, how did that feel when it happened? 

It’s nice to have a voice in the dance community and to know that what you are playing matters to the fans.

What separates you from other DJs?

I think what has separated me is that I haven’t held on to a certain sound. I have always adapted myself to what’s happening now.

Other than DJing, what do you like to do for fun?

I like to go to the movies, stay active and stay fit. I don’t really have a hobby other than music.

What does the future hold for Joe Gauthreaux?

I’m putting out more original tracks and I am starting my own event in New York City. I’m really excited about that, as I am always looking for ways to make me more interesting to the public and to keep me more excited.

What should the Fort Lauderdale audience expect from your performance at Pride Fort Lauderdale this weekend?

I think an uplifting set of music including Pride Anthems, and stuff you haven’t heard yet so that everyone will be happy and in a good mood!

For more information on Joe, go to: djjoeg.com

DJ Joe Gauthreaux’s Top 10:

  1. Million Reasons (Joe Gauthreaux Remix) – Lady Gaga
  2. The Urge In Me – Joe Gauthreaux featuring Inaya Day
  3. Shape of You (Joe Gauthreaux vs GSP mashup) – Ed Sheeran
  4. Show Me (What You Got) – Gauthreaux & Grind
  5. I Miss You (Dub Mix) – Tom Siher
  6. All Out of Love (Joe Gauthreaux & Leanh Remix) – Air Supply
  7. Ghetto (Original Mix) – Genairo Nvilla f. Goldy
  8. Burning – Bob Sinclair
  9. Que Pasa (Tom Staar Remix) – Federico Scavo
  10. Show Me Love (Joe Gauthreaux Remix) – Brian Justin Crum f. Toy Armada & DJ GRIND

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