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Independence Day and Bear Invasion in P’town

Come Home to P’town, Where the Boys Are!

Tall, Blonde and Dark and Mean… Rough and Tough and Strong and Lean…  Hallelujah!

Independence Week


Home is where the heart is and odds are high you will lose your heart and a lot more in the cape tip town of Provincetown where men, men, and more men are the order of the day for Provincetown’s 4th of July celebration. Dubbed the gayest America’s favorite beach town, the nation’s birthday takes on new meaning in a town where locals join visitors from around the world to celebrate the freedom to be exactly who they are. The town’s main drag, nestled between the harbor and the magical dunes, is non-stop action during Independence Week- June 29-July 7. Yes, there is so much going on it takes a week to fit it all in. The pulsating music reverberates down the center of town as the week kicks into high gear with an Underwear Party on June 29th. Here’s your chance to see what the boys have to offer!  It is party central all along the mile long main drag with more than one fun in the sun, pool party.


Mix, mingle and dance your patootie off at the one of the town’s biggest outdoor dance parties and home to THE legendary Tea. DJ superstars keep the dance floor bumping and grinding, while above and below the wide expanse of the outdoor deck are hundreds of meet and greet opportunities. The waterfront celebrations on the 4th of July will be extended to flow into a front and center view of the fireworks celebration happening over Provincetown Harbor.


Don’t Look Now but Here Come the Bears!

The incoming and outgoing parade of men begins with the sly whispers that reach a resounding cheer come the 8th of July, “The bears are back!” Provincetown’s annual Bear Week, July 8-16 is one of the happiest times of the year for nightclubs, retail shops, art galleries, and perhaps the biggest winner of them all – restaurants. No secret Bears love to eat and food and libations for every budget are found all over town. If oysters really do the trick for you, take advantage of Happy Hour and fresh off the boat oysters for $1. For a truly great “time out” head to the benches in front of the historic Town Hall (Back in the day this was known as the “Meat Rack”). Enjoy your lunch al fresco and enjoy the ever changing talent show passing by. It is the best view in town. The official Bear Week schedule at PTownBears.org offers a dizzying line-up of events and parties happening at clubs all over town including the Fur Sunday Pre-Party and the Bear Boat Sunday Cruise. Other, must not miss, events include the late, late show, free to one and all, happening in front of the downtown pizza shop, in the heart of the action. Bars are closed, the music is done and the last chapter of the night unfolds with a massive street gathering that continues into the wee hours.


Toga Time in Provincetown!

With a Carnival 2017 theme of Gods and Goddesses the mind reels at the costume and parade float possibilities. From the opening “everyone in the pool” party to the colossal Drag Bingo, to the largest parade on Cape Cod, Provincetown’s Carnival, August 12-19 is THE gay, gay, gay, party of the year attracting thousands of visitors.
Finally, in spite of the crowds and partying, Provincetown has no shortage of getaway spaces to be with someone special.

Grab your sneakers, pack a backpack with food, water and essentials and walk the West-End Jetty over to magical Long Point, an island unto itself adjacent to the town. This spit of land offers a gorgeous stretch of beach and total privacy. A leisurely walk along the rocks should take you about 40 minutes and make sure you head back before dusk. If you are looking for the quintessential P’town moment with your new or old someone this is the place and the price is right. Free to one and all.
Boys, Bears, Gods & Goddesses and all, it’s time for you to come back home to P’town!

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