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Queens We Love: Kitty Meow Gives us Cat Scratch Fever

Kitty Meow gives us Cat Scratch Fever

Photos by: Dale Stine

What was the first drag show you ever saw and tell me about that experience?

The first I ever saw was at Club Waterfront in Miami. It was on a Tuesday night which was the amateur drag battle night and of course the person that came up and did the most incredible performance to date was Divinity Everlasting doing Jennifer Holliday “And I Am Telling You” from “Dreamgirls.” This performance took me to the highest of highs. That night I also met Anastasia Chanel Roberts, who would go on to be one of my greatest inspirations for my makeup technique.


When did you decide you wanted to do drag and when did you realize it would be a profession?

I was in college and we had been going to the Warsaw ballroom and seeing all of this amazing drag represented on stage, such as the legendary iconic Diva Patty-Cakes, and the talents of Electra. It was just a slew of the most inspirational creative dynamic individuals one would have ever seen in their life. That’s when I decided I wanted to do drag.

My very first time working or being in drag was a paying opportunity, so I immediately knew that I would have this as my profession


Who is your drag mother and who is your favorite queen other than your drag mother and why?

The artist Craig Coleman AKA of Allah was the person I would say or consider to be my drag mother. She encouraged me to enter the diva at the House of Warsaw competition.

 What is your favorite number to perform and why?

My all-time favorite song to perform is “Shackles” by Mary Mary. Victor Calderone remixed it and debuted it at Crowbar for the Sunday night party called Anthem. I remember it was like a rush for all of the divas of the night to get together or to see who would be able to perform the song first. It became one of the most powerful anthems in dance music history. Jeffrey Sanker had me perform it at all his major circuit parties. There were several attempts to get Mary Mary to come and perform it and as a result of their religious convictions they decided against it, but this gave me an even greater desire and a greater incentive to want to perform it: to claim the power of performing their song


What is the best thing that has happened to you and drag?

One that immediately comes to mind was getting to laugh and have a real heart-to-heart Kiki with the legendary Eartha Kitt. Over one White Party Weekend, Miami Go Magazine produced a concert with Eartha Kitt and I was the MC. We were taken to the fabulous home of music guru Desmond Child. Prior to us entering the event, we sat in our car gossiping having a laugh discussing my shoes size and all of the amazing accomplishments, controversial or otherwise, in Miss Kitts career.


What differentiates you from other queens what makes you unique?

I think we are all unique in our own special way. I say what makes me unique is my ability to entertain as my alter ego Kitty Meow or the real man Shawn Palacious. I do have a tendency of getting bored very quickly so this gives me an opportunity to dabble and play on both sides of the fence.

What does the future hold?

I think this is the most exciting time in my life as I feel like I’m experiencing a renaissance. I am about to embark on several new and exciting projects one of course which I can confirm here is that I’ve been tagged as one of two hosts of an exciting new project called Hot Spots live. This gives me an opportunity to express myself as Shawn with no costumes. I just use my ability to communicate with a mass audience and highlight others in the vast entertainment industry. As a very young child I found myself fascinated with television and radio and now I get to combine all of my previous work experience and evolve and take my career to the next level. I’m glad I’m doing it in South Florida and I love that I’m doing it with Hotspots Media.


Why We Love Her

1)      Along with Power Infiniti she was the co-Queen of the Miami Circuit scene.

2)      Her headdresses and wings have become legendary

3)      The Make-up, it’s all about the make-up

4)      She is always there to help and donate her time for the South Florida charities.

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