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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Predictions: Who Should Win Season 9

Re-Cap: Week 12 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” started out with Michelle Visage telling the Top 4 that they would be working with Todrick Hall to write and record an original verse for RuPaul’s “Category Is.”

In this challenge each queen would have to learn killer choreography, which they would have to perform on the main stage the next day in an all-singing, all-dancing world debut of their track.  In addition to all of this, they would each be a guest on RuPaul’s Podcast “What’s The T” with Michelle Visage.

Trinity and Sasha had trouble with the singing and dancing, but by show time both improved tremendously. The real stars of the performance were Peppermint and Shea.

On the runway, the category was Eleganza Extravaganza, and all four girls brought their best and looked fierce.

Ru then asked all four this question: If you could turn back time, what would you say to your young self? They all answered the question well, but Peppermint, who was first to answer, absolutely killed it!

Next came the million dollar question: Why should you and not one of your fellow queens be America’s next Drag Superstar? Again they all answered well, but I thought Sasha answered the best.

Ru did not pick a winner, although if she had I think Peppermint took this week, but rather made all four girls lip sync for their lives. In the end, after much deliberation, Ru decided not to have a Top 3 and take all four girls to the finale—the first time ever!

During the season, I generally don’t predict a winner (except for season 6, where I predicted Bianca from episode 2 or 3), but at the end I am always asked my opinion.

Here are my predictions:

Sasha Velour: Although I must admit (I can’t believe I am putting this in writing) in the beginning I was taken aback by her; she has grown on me, and I would love to sit down with her and have a cup of coffee. She is so intelligent and I am sure I could learn a lot from her. I am predicting Sasha to be the winner. Sasha was never in the bottom, and has two amazing qualities. For one she knows exactly who she is as an entertainer, and secondly she is incredibly fashion-forward.

Shea Coulee: She is nipping on Sasha’s heels and has won the most challenges (four), and aside from one misstep was always on, or near, the top. She also has an incredible fashion sense and could easily take the crown.

Trinity Taylor: Although she is a Florida girl, whom I have judged before in the pageantry system, and has grown the most throughout the season, I don’t think she has done enough to take the crown. I don’t feel bad for Trinity because she is a great entertainer and is already traveling around the world.

Peppermint: I love me some Peppermint, but she has been on or near the bottom too many times. Having said that, NOBODY in this season has the stage presence and likability factor that Peppermint has, and she could be the dark horse!

I think this is the first season where I would be like, “ok, whoever Ru crowns deserves it!”

Having said that, who do you want to win Season 9? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook before the finale on June 23.

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