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Mane Interest: Blowmei Hair Care Products

Dedicated to the rebels and trailblazers in life; those who have been confronted with adversity, unjustly accosted and pushed to the limit. Their hair care products are formulated with the highest quality botanicals, nutrients, natural minerals, and essential oils. They are made in the USA and, of course, they only test their products on the humans they were made for.

Cruising Clay – 2 oz – $28

Define and texturize long or short hair styles with cruising clay. Matte finish that adds body and fullness that feels like you have twice as much hair. Whether cruising on your bike or through a park at sunset, their light formula absorbs perfectly.

Party Paste – 4 oz – $28

Add outrageous separation and texture while maintaining self control. Firm yet shapeable, party paste delivers all the party favors without a crispy hard feel. Work the paste easily through damp or dry hair for molding any style. Hair will have resilience all day long and can be re-worked anytime throughout your day by adding small amount of moisture (water) to hair, remold with fingers or your favorite comb.

Pig Pomade – .2 oz – $28   

Not all pigs play in the mud! Add shine and hold to your dapper style with a fresh mint scent.

Butch Wax – 2.0 oz. – $28  

Versatile defining wax for texture and hold, infused with Beeswax for a shiny finish with texture & strong hold. 

Manetame – .2 oz – $21

Who needs a lion tamer? Get your beautiful beard ready for your next close encounter. This is an all natural daily beard oil with peppermint extract and sweet almonds.

Clean Mint Shampoo – 8.5 oz – $25

Clean and remove excess oil & build up with a rich lather. Invigorates and stimulates the scalp leaving a cool sensation. Color safe – UV Protect.

Clean Mint Conditioner – 8.5 oz – $27

This conditioner is packed with nutrients to restore life into dry, treated & textured hair. Peppermint oil gives the scalp a cool soothing feel while encouraging new hair growth. Rice protein – UV Protectant -Color Safe 

Products can be found at Blowmei.co or at Dicks Service Station.

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