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Seven Tracks to be Thankful for this Season

It may not seem that the LGBT community has a lot to be thankful for this year. Whether it’s revoking transgender rights to serve in the military, arguing in federal court that it’s completely OK to fire someone for being gay, or maintaining that religious belief trumps the civil rights of the LGBT community, the current administration continues to demonstrate their opposition to the LGBT community. But we’ve battled homophobia before and we’ll do it again, all to the beat of our own drum. Here are the latest tracks playing on gay dance floors this season of thanks.

Billy Winn

“Crash” is the first single from out artist Billy Winn since he split with his record label two years ago. Written and produced by Billy and Mark A. Barrie of the production team Madscience, the song is a super intense, emotional, and dynamic electro pop record, similar to his previous hit records, “Cruel Intentions” and “He Won’t Do,” but with less of a dance focus.  The song marks a true evolution for Winn as he begins to explore deeper topics of love that he says he has been experiencing as he’s grown older and, supposedly, wiser.   “Crash” is about the complications of love, especially when it’s one sided.  It poses the question:  What is one supposed to do when feelings develop for Mr. Wrong?  It’s a question many of us ask, especially today when casual hook-ups are as easy as picking up your phone.

Epiphany Mattel

Transgender Hip hop artist Epiphany Mattel is known for being raw, unapologetic, and provocative.  In her latest beat-driven club banger, she takes aim at pretty people who make themselves ugly at clubs by brandishing that resting bitch face that makes them unapproachable.  It’s a party bitches. Lighten the hell up, otherwise you’ll have Epiphany to deal with.  And trust, you don’t want to mess with this dangerous beauty who stands strong in her truth, even if it offends others.  While she rarely starts trouble, Epiphany Mattel isn’t afraid to finish it.

Music Bear Tony Banks 

Featuring EarthTone and Yo! Majesty’s JwlB

The second single from the hip hop bear’s upcoming Yes, Homo album has a driving beat that is meant to move booties while enlightening hearts and minds.  Produced by the artist and featuring out rappers EarthTone and Yo! Majesty’s JwlB, the House infused Hip-Hop jam was inspired by today’s racially charged climate. Music Bear Tony Banks uses rhymes to urge fans to get up and do something: create community programs, get to the polls and vote for politicians that are going to unite municipalities and stop police brutality and harassment once and for all. It’s a message for the black community, the muslim and LGBT community, as well as all communities that are feeling victimized by the heavy and often unfair hand of the law.

Kristine W

Kristine W returns to the dance floor with “Stars,” the second single from her soon-to-be released album. With soaring vocals, an infectious beat and heavy bass line, “Stars” is the definition of party track. However, listeners who peel back the high energy layers will hear a deep and important message beneath its surface. The song is about coping with life’s difficult transitions: a good friend moving away, children leaving to chase their dreams, or a loved one dying. Change is inevitable and in “Stars,” Kristine reveals the emotional rollercoaster she has been going through with her recent divorce.  The song is a beautiful reminder that like the stars that fall from the sky, the people who disappear from our lives will always remain in our hearts. We should celebrate the light they brought — and always will bring — to our lives.

Black Stereo Faith

House music legends Ultra Naté and Quentin Harris are back with the first package of remixes from their alt funk collaborative album, Black Stereo Faith.  The collection features “I’m Too Sexy (Touch This Skin)” and “SNL,” reworked and reimagined by some of the biggest DJ/producers on the planet including David Morales, Benji Candelario, Vjuan Allure and Craig C.  The standouts are David Morales’ dark, subby, and full-of-attitude version of “I’m Too Sexy” and Benji Candelario’s Frankie Knuckles-esque version of “SNL” (featuring Inaya Day and Darryl D’Bonneau).  Also, have to give props to Vjuan Allure for serving some raw, dramatic Baltimore beats for the ballroom queens in his version of “I’m Too Sexy”.

“Can’t Let You Go”
The Hound

Sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can, as The Hound demonstrates in his new song that he wrote while in the midst of an incredibly toxic relationship.  The electronic pop track is passionate and heartfelt.  It examines how relationships define us and how whether it’s with a lover, a friend, or family, the worst ones can be impossible to let go of.  The music video, starring adult film performer Adam Ramzi — and banned from Instagram for being “too sexually explicit” — brings the song’s lyrics to extraordinary life, featuring some incredible dance moves by The Hound and Ramzi.

DEX Experience

DEX Experience is serving fierceness worldwide with the release of “Internash,” the first single from his upcoming album. Combining catchy lyrics with bitchy base, the empowering, feel good, party track has a 90’s sound set against a sassy, modern day kick. Written and produced by DEX and DJ Omri Anghel, the song is about embracing the world as your playground. It draws inspiration to a happier time for the LGBT community, when pre-millennium supermodels mesmerized, amused and enthralled every time they walked the runways and graced the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines.

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