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Betty Who’s ‘Taste’ is an Ode to the Deliciousness of Bad Boys

PHOTO: Zak Cassar

How was your Pride Month? I bet it wasn’t as busy as Betty Who’s.

The Australian dance-pop diva jumpstarted her June by serenading the Queer Eye boys in a fun, fashion-y video for the show’s theme, “All Things” (you know, the video with Antoni in the crop top with the avocados).

Sadly, when the Fab 5 rocketed off toward their new season in a GMC Extended-Cab Glitter Pickup at the end of the video, they left Betty behind. But our girl soldiered on.

On June 15 she dropped a new EP, Betty Pt. 1, her first collection since last year’s album, The Valley — and the first since she parted ways with label RCA. The five-track EP features January hit “Ignore Me” and the Caribbean-tinged March release “Look Back” as well as brand-new single “Taste,” an ode to the deliciousness of bad boys: “The Worse. They. Are. The better they taste.”


I only wish the new EP included Betty’s sultry cover of Kylie’s “Come Into My World” from last winter. (Aw, did you sleep on that Australian release, hunties? Get thee to Amazon!)

Finally, to close out her rainbow-hued month, Who released a steamy video for “Taste.” In it, she’s serving Atomic Blonde realness, working at a strip club and doing private shows for a rakish, tattooed heartbreaker played by… short-haired Betty.

The L.A.-based star has clearly taken RuPaul’s mantra to heart: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” When the action gets hot ’n’ heavy in the strip club’s Champagne Room, it just might be the hottest scene of self-love since Divine raped himself roadside in John Waters’ Female Trouble (or at least since Anne Carlisle f*cked herself to death in 1982 cult flick Liquid Sky).

Wait, what’s that, queer nation? You say sexy boy-girl twin Bettys going at it isn’t enough Who for you?

Well, you’re in luck. And you won’t have long to wait. As the title of Betty Pt. 1 suggests, there will be a follow-up EP this fall. And even that is just a table-setter for a full album coming in 2019

Just call me Horton for the next year. ’Cause 24/7 I am hearing a Who.

For everything Betty visit BettyWhoMusic.com.

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