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‘Cats’ Gets Release Date, Actor Garret Clayton Comes Out

Thought they were goners? Nope, the Cats have a release date.

When Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cats, based on T.S. Eliot’s Old Possums Book of Practical Cats, was the hottest ticket in musical theater, film studios weren’t exactly lining up to make any sort of movie musical, much less one that involved the entire cast frolicking about in kitty costumes. And when they did decide to make one, it was A Chorus Line. But that was before the film musical resurgence; before Chicago, before Les Miserables, before Dreamgirls and whatever The Greatest Showman was supposed to be. It’s been so long that the show became a pop culture joke for decades before regaining some revival respect. It’s been so long that rumors of film versions died more than nine times, and at least one of the upcoming movie version’s stars, Taylor Swift, hasn’t been alive long enough to even know about all this stuff. But now there’s a release date: December 20, 2019. It’s going to go head to head with a new Star Wars movie, unafraid. It’s got Les Mis’ Tom Hooper as director, Ian McKellen co-starring, and Jennifer Hudson as Grizabella, so at least you know “Memory” is in capable hands. Now it seems almost real, and it only took almost 40 years.

Actor Garrett Clayton comes out

Millennial-aged actors are coming out in numbers that feel overwhelming compared to the not-so-recent past when virtually no one did, and they do it on Instagram, which is always a nice, casual touch. So this is an unofficial LGBTQ+ welcome to 27-year-old Garrett Clayton, whom you’ve seen in Hairspray Live, King Cobra, on shows like The Fosters, and – if you’re very young – in Disney Channel productions like Teen Beach Movie. He sings, acts, dances, and looks like Zac Efron’s little brother, which doesn’t hurt at all. And he has half a dozen upcoming projects under his belt, including the bullying drama Reach and the Nicolas Cage drama Between Worlds, both slated for this year, and the horror film Killing Games, currently in production. We’re always happy to report news like this, so go forth and conquer, young gay dude.

Romeo San Vicente is always happy when Hollywood Actors come out!


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