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Miami Beach Presents Jennifer Lopez Keys to the City, Announces ‘Jennifer Lopez Day’

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber and Commissioner Michael Góngora celebrated with Lopez, fiancé Alex Rodriguez, and their family during an intimate ceremony at Lopez and Rodriguez’s Miami home (David Sabshon)

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber presented the Key to the City of Miami Beach to Jennifer Lopez at her Miami home, in celebration of the iconic entertainer’s 50th birthday. The customized key was designed with the initials JL inscribed into the body. Commissioner Michael Góngora was also on hand to declare a proclamation that July 24, 2019 will now henceforth be Jennifer Lopez Day in Miami Beach.

In presentation of the key to Lopez, Mayor Gelber said, “We are representatives of a city that’s a beautiful city. It’s got great vistas, beaches, the whole bit. But I always say that our city can only be pretty if it’s pretty on the inside, which is why we believe in absolute inclusivity and a plastic-free environment and we protect our citizens. So when I was told we were going to give you something, the reason I really wanted to do it was because I can’t imagine someone shows ‘pretty is as pretty does’ better than you. This [key] isn’t for your amazing career and all of the skills that you have in so many areas. It’s really because inside what you have done for our community is remarkable. So many causes – women, children, disaster, UNICEF, anything – you and Alex are remarkable in so many ways. Tens of millions of dollars you’ve donated, tens of thousands of children and women and the frail who you’ve elevated, so we are really happy to be able to give you this very special key. It is the most unique key we have ever designed. It really isn’t just because of the incredible things you’ve done as a performer but for the incredible things you’ve done as a person, and we are really grateful to you.”

“As I told you inside the house, you’re an inspiration for me and people all over the world because of your work ethic, your drive, your force to succeed. You are a force of nature, and you have made us your second home for many years. I recall meeting you through our mutual friend Oribe [Canales, the late world renowned hair stylist]  back in the day who was a Miami Beach resident and is well missed. As the first openly gay Hispanic elected to any public office in Florida, you have been a role model to my community. I have danced to all of your music on every dance floor, and besides being a fantastic singer and performer, you are an avid supporter of LGBT rights. You have raised millions of dollars for HIV AIDS research. That’s why in 2013 amfAR gave you its Humanitarian Award, as well as an Ally for Equality Award you got from the Human Rights Campaign. So it’s not just about your fabulousness and your talent. It’s about the fact that you use your platform to give back to others and inspire them as you’ve inspired me. On behalf of the mayor, myself, and the entire Commission, we are thrilled to proclaim that July 24, 2019 will forever be known as Jennifer Lopez Day in the city of Miami Beach!” said Commissioner Michael Góngora.

“This is obviously a tremendous honor. It’s so overwhelming to be at this point in my life and to have recognitions like this. I just always wanted to do my best. I’m touched,” said Lopez.

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