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Invest in Your Health with a Concierge Cardiologist

Dr. Melinda Roskos

Roskos Cardiology is a concierge practice that is revolutionizing how patients receive their Internal Medicine and Cardiology care. Dr. Melinda Roskos – cardiologist, internist, and founder of Roskos Cardiology – is passionate about making high quality, personalized health care, easy and convenient. Her practice is for those interested in investing in their health, whether they have known heart disease or would just like to prevent it. She is now bringing her practice to Wilton Manors!

Dr Roskos recently sat down with Hotspots to talk about her practice.

Is there one thing about heart disease that you think would surprise our readers?

Most Americans, who have had a heart attack, had at least one known risk factor that could have been better controlled before their heart attack. That means we, as doctors, could have done something to try to reverse the course of their heart disease! Another way to look at is – nearly 80% of heart disease is preventable! There are things that most of us could be doing right now to improve our heart health. It could be not smoking, exercising more, eating a healthier diet, or controlling our blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. In fact, a healthy lifestyle not only protects you heart, but it also protects against cancer, depression, and cognitive impairment (early stages of dementia). I believe doctors should be educating and motivating their patients to makes these healthy choices.

One of the reasons I started Roskos Cardiology was to address this very concern. I want to catch people early in life – in their 40s, 50s, and 60s – to try to reverse the course of their heart disease. Unfortunately, there are little opportunities to be so pro-active in our current health care system. I wanted to change that!

So, is that the only reason you decided to open your own concierge practice?

I started Roskos Cardiology to make health care better for patients. After practicing for several years with large groups, I was shocked by how patients had become lost in the system. Government regulation and insurance restrictions took precedence over patients and their care. My concierge practice aims to change to that, by putting the patient first with the doctor directing the care. I take the time to really get to know my patients. My first visit with patients usually takes 2-2.5h. This gives me enough to get a thorough medical history and perform an executive-level physical examination. It also gives people time to relax; they are not rushed. They are able to recall more details to give a better history as well as ask as many questions as they would like.

How does your practice make a difference in the lives of your patients?

I make it easy and convenient to receive high-quality, personalized health care. My practice is entirely mobile – I only make house calls, going to my patients’ homes or offices. I have very flexible hours – I typically see patients early morning, after work, or on weekends. I am easily accessible. My patients can contact me by phone, email, or text. Yes, I am the one answering these calls, not a nurse or answering service. I also help patients schedule tests and outside appointments, and often, I accompany them to their appointments. I find that this not only alleviates my patients’ fears but also makes for very efficient medicine. I am able to get results quickly, often explaining the results to patients before they go home, so they know what is going on and what we are doing about it. 

Do you believe this to be the way of the future?

Yes, I think concierge medical practices are here to stay. For those who have experienced this type of medicine, either as a patient or a doctor, it is so different, so much better, than the traditional system, it is hard for me to imagine going back. It’s great for the patients – they receive high quality, personalized health care. And, it’s great for the doctors – it makes medicine rewarding again. At the heart of medicine is the patient-doctor relationship. If both are happy with the arrangement, I do not see how concierge medicine cannot take off. 

Why did you pick Wilton Manors?

I love Wilton Manors! I use to live in Wilton Manors, right by the elementary school, while I was in graduate school getting my PhD in Immunology (before finishing medical school). I would make the commute down to Miami almost every day. The commute was well-worth the improved quality of life. I have continued to come back to Wilton Manors to visit my father and his husband, who have lived here for over 20 years. This is a community that embraces innovations and change. It is a community not afraid to try new ideas. I hope that extends to how health care is delivered!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Dr. Melinda Roskos at 954-652-6527 or info@roskoscardiology.com. You can also check out her Facebook page @RoskosCardio.

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