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DJ Dan Slater Talks Circuit Festival Miami 2019

For the second time, Circuit Festival Barcelona – the World’s biggest international gay event – joins forces with Miami’s biggest and most well-known party producers, who collectively were responsible for major events at Winter Party Festival and the famous White Party Week as well as the Matinee Miami New Year’s Party and Miami’s own internationally known party brand, URGE, to produce the only official Circuit Festival in the USA, Circuit Festival Miami.

The biggest international gay event will arrive in Miami during the USA’s Thanksgiving Weekend holiday, to offer the ultimate gay dance festival getaway from November 28th to December 2nd.

Circuit Festival Miami will boast 5 massive nighttime events with world-class production in spectacular locations, at least 3 daytime parties, including a legendary Beach Party, the best international DJs on the scene and thousands of Circuit partygoers ready to have the hottest vacation while enjoying life and music.

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, November 28

In association with Miguel Nieto: “EXODUS: Gods and Kings, the Trip to the Promised Land” starring DJs Omar Segura and Taito Tikaro from 10pm to 5am at Exchange Miami (1532 Washington Avenue). Tickets are $35. 

Friday, November 29

World Aids Day and Matinee Group Presents “Pool Party” at Dream Rooftop (1111 Collins Avenue) from 12pm to 6pm starring DJs Dani Brasil & MDMATIAS. Tickets are $35. 
Matinee Pervert: The Pleasure of the Darkness from 10pm to 7am at Club Space starring Matinee resident DJ’s Micky Friedmann and Tom Stephan and guest DJ Kidd Madonny. General Admission is $85 with VIP admission at $135. 

Saturday, November 30

Matinee Group presents Aftersun Pool Party at the Oasis 353 NE 61st street starring DJ Rick Braile and other guest DJs from 12pm to 6pm. General Admission is $55 and VIP admission is $90. 

Meat Market Matinee takes place from 10pm to 6am at Magic City Innovation District (6301 NE 4th Ave) starring Matinee resident DJ Flavio Zarka with guest DJ Isaac Escalante and resident DJ Hansell Leyva. General admission is $90 with VIP $140. 

Sunday, December 1

Matiness Group presents LaLeche Beach Party  benefiting Miami Beach Pride and starring Matinee resident DJ Phil Romano and guest DJ, the very sexy Dan Slater, at Lummus Park (12th street beach) from 1pm to 9pm. Tickets are $115 for general admission and $175 for VIP. 

Urge Titanium takes place from 10pm to 6am at Magic City Innovation District (6301 NE 4th Ave) starring DJs Abel and Ivan Gomez. Tickets are $90 for general admission and $140 for VIP. 

Monday December 2

The After legendary Monday marathon takes place from 6am to 12 noon at Wynwood Factory (54 NE 24th street) and stars Circuit resident DJ Nacho Chapado and guest DJ Pablo Lopez. Tickets are $50. 

Matinee Terminal Big Opening takes place from 10pm to 5am at Exchange (1532 Washington Avenue) and stars DJs Enrico Meloni and Musso. Tickets are $40. 

Since the beach party is my favorite event every Thanksgiving weekend, I thought it would be a good time to sit down with sexy DJ Dan Slater to find out more about him.

When did you realize you wanted to be a DJ?

When I was living back in Australia I used to work as a singer/dancer in musical theater for over 10 years. But I was ready for a career change so I went to University to study a Bachelor of Business in Marketing. But I needed a creative outlet, and that’s when I started learning to DJ, because I’d always been fascinated by the music as I was growing up. I never expected things to take off like this, but I started my DJ career as winner of the Sydney Mardi Gras DJ Spin-Off Competition. Since then I’ve played at some of the biggest parties around the world.

Where are you from? What brought you to South Florida? 

Originally, I am from Sydney, Australia. I first moved to Los Angeles when I moved to the United States. But I moved to Miami because I love being on the water. It reminds me a little bit of home.

What was your first residency, and how did that feel?

My first residency was at a bar called Hugo’s in Sydney. I loved it because I got to play tropical and deep house every Sunday for three years.

What separates you from other DJs?

Every DJ is unique is their own way. The style of music they play, and the productions they create. I like to think I have a unique sound and give a very different performance each time I play.

What are some memorable moments from the DJ booth?

I actually brought my Mom to Circuit Festival in Barcelona and on her first Atlantis Cruise this year. It was very memorable, because she was able to see what I’ve achieved, and she loved meeting everyone that I work with. 

Other than DJing, what do you like to do for fun?

I love going to the beach, paddle boarding, yoga, and I like cooking. There is nothing better than having friends over and cooking for them.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Loyal, easy-going, dedicated.

Are you excited to be part of the DJ Roster for Circuit Festival Miami? 

100%. Circuit Festival is one is the strongest and most recognized brands around the world. It’s an honor to be able to DJ for Miami, Barcelona and a few other surprise events coming soon!

What should our readers expect from your set at the Beach Party?

For the LaLeche! Beach Party my set will be fun and uplifting. There will be a variety of classic and commercial tracks that will have you dancing till the very last song. Australian singer Zoe Badwi who I have been collaborating with is also performing, so that is super exciting.

What does the future hold for you?

2020 looks like it’s going to be even busier than this year. But I’ve been focusing on production a lot lately. I have two original tracks being released soon. 

Dan Slater & Anthony May feat. Zoë Badwi & Rob Harris – Hold Me

Dan Slater feat. Zoë Badwi – I’ve Been Waiting

I also have three official remixes that are about to be released too.

Samantha Jade – Bounce (Dan Slater Remix)

Taito Tikaro & Soraya Naoyin – Strike It Up (Dan Slater Remix)

Samantha Jade – In The Morning (Dan Slater Remix)

For more information on Dan, check him out on social media: Instagram.com/danielsl8r; Facebook.com/DJDanSlater; Twitter.com/danielsl8r, or go to soundcloud.com/danielsl8r.

For more information on Circuit Festival Miami or to purchase tickets, go to: circuitfestival.net/miami/.

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