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Q&A: Tax Specialist and Realtor Michael Salazar

Michael Salazar

I have personally known Michael Salazar for about a decade and have seen him grow into a passionate, hardworking adult. To say that I am proud of him is an understatement. Therefore I thought it important to sit down with one of Miami’s hardest working out gay men to talk about his businesses and his passions. 

How long have you been doing taxes, and do you do individual tax returns or just corporate tax returns?

10 years! Proud to say this is my 10th tax season professionally preparing both personal and corporate tax returns.

 How do people know what type of Tax returns they should file?

Most taxpayers actually don’t know what forms or schedules they should be filing. I make it a point to explain the process.

What is the goal of Max Your Tax?

Our goal at Max Your Tax is making sure the client understands the process, providing superior customer service and earning your trust and confidence.

You are also a realtor. How did that come about?

Tax preparation and obtaining a mortgage to purchase a home go hand and hand. And I saw that early on in the tax industry. Up until I became a licensed realtor I worked with many mortgage brokers helping my clients obtain a mortgage. Then I said wait a minute! I need to get into Real Estate. And that was 5 years ago.

Since you were born and bred in Miami, does that give you an edge in the realty business?

Absolutely! South Florida has been my only home and I know it very well! That helps a lot with prices, demographics, commuting, etc.

Do the two professions mix well together?

Yes, they do! Most of my clients are middle-class first-time homebuyers. And correctly preparing a tax return to apply for a mortgage is key.

Clearly you work a lot, but what do you do for fun?

Yes, my schedule is pretty hectic but when I do have downtime I love to spend it with my friends and family. But my ultimate passion is traveling the world. Meeting new people, learning new languages, trying different foods. I could go on and on.

Our readers want to know if you are single or taken? If taken tell us how you met, if single, what is your perfect guy?

I’m currently single, the perfect guy would be someone that has a passion for what they do, athletic, and open to seeing new parts of the world and trying new things with me.

Describe yourself in three words?

Focused, Confident, Positive

Why should our readers use you as their Tax specialist and/or realtor?

Both my businesses are referral based; word of mouth. Aside from practicing both for many years, I believe I’ve earned my client’s trust and respect over the years. I can’t wait for hotspots readers to get to know me. 

For more information on Michael and his businesses go to: taxrefundmiami.com, or on social media at: Facebook.com/Maxyoutrtaxinc or facebook.com/MichaelSalazarRealtor or on Instagram.com/MaxYourTax & Instagram.com/Michael_Salazar708    

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