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Kurt Feiter who is German and Guatemalan is 38, and is an Aquarius. He lives in the heart of Wilton Manors. 


What’s your perfect date?  A bike ride to Whole Foods buffet to grab some food to go, then off to the beach to enjoy dinner under the moon with the waves crashing as our background music. Yeah….it’s like that!


What do you do for a living? I’m a second generation Realtor. Both of my parents are retired successful Realtors that built their very own American Dream through the means of Real Estate Investment and Development. We have recently joined forces on several projects and I couldn’t be more thrilled to team up with my best friends. I also still enjoy bartending from time to time, as I do not really drink much, and it keeps me in that fun social mix. 


What’s 1 fun fact about you that not many know? Every day I make a conscious effort to have some kind of positive impact on someone’s life…even if it’s a stranger on the street. Someone I love dearly taught me this life lesson for happiness years ago and it just stuck. Even if you are having a shitty day you are still capable of helping others with the simplest gesture.


What do you do for fun? I am a proud athletic nerd! I love working out, running with my Babyboy Gunner, yoga, biking, and really any outdoor sports. I am addicted to nature documentaries like Planet Earth and shows like Ancients Aliens and Fixer Upper.


What does the future hold for you? I can see myself ending back up in Central Florida helping teach the ways of the world to my beautiful niece and nephew, a collection of rental properties under my belt and a backyard full of puppies and loving memories.


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