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From Zero To I Love You

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It took me to the second half of my mid-twenties to realize that I was gay. I guess growing up in a very conservative family and neighborhood suppressed my sexual inclinations. When I tell people this they find it unbelievable, but for me it was just getting up one day and having an epiphany. However, once I realized, I immediately started living a gay lifestyle. Shortly after coming out to myself, I started working in a very popular gay bar in NYC (Champs) and a few months later I met a customer, Tony, who was in his mid-sixties, and had only recently come out and divorced his wife of over 40 years.  When I asked him what happened that finally made him realize he was attracted to men, Tony said “I have always known, but when I was young, you just had to suppress it and do ‘the right thing’ and get married and have a family.” I remember thinking how sad it was that for over 40 years Tony had to live a lie. However, I understood that times were different and how gay people were treated when Tony was young. 

While we think we have come a long way in gay rights and acceptance, this behavior still exists and is the storyline behind “From Zero to I Love You.” Jack (Scott Bailey) gets married to his college sweetheart, Pamela (Keili Lefkovitz), and has 2 beautiful daughters. They are both successful and have a lovely house and what seems like the perfect life. That is until they go to a house party and Jack fools around with a waiter. This act unleashes a suppressed desire that allows Jack to have the courage to go visit a gay bar called “Zero.” While there he meets the very sexy Pete (Darryl Stephens) and what was supposed to be a one night stand turns out to be much more, and a love between the two of them grows. 

They date for a year, and it would be easy to hate Jack for deceiving his wife and family for so long. However, Scott Bailey’s performance showing him trying to come to terms with his sexuality, and seeing a therapist, makes you love him. There are many times when he tries to do the right thing, so he can be with Peter and stop deceiving his family. Peter on the other hand has a history of dating married (unavailable) men and his father and his father’s fiancé try to get him to realize this behavior.  

They break up do to circumstances, and Jack goes back into the closet and Peter gets engaged. However, this is a gay rom-com and after about a year or so Jack is outed and admits everything to his wife. This releases him to be who he is and finds his way back to Peter. 

Both Scott and Darryl are perfectly cast, and their performances are amazing. In addition, their chemistry is off the charts (spoiler alert: Scott is straight). Many of you may remember Darryl from his starring role in Noah’s Ark, and he still has those piercing eyes and beautiful smile! Special shout out to Keili Lefkovitz for the scene when she confronts her husband, and to Peters dad and future step mom,  Richard Lawson, and Leslie Zemeckis who do a superb job on showing their gay son love, all while trying to help him be happy. 

In the end, this is a love story, directed very well by Doug Spearman, that I highly recommend watching! 

The street date for “From Zero to I Love You” (106 minutes) is July 21, but can be pre-booked now for only $24.95 at ArizticalOnDemand.com. 

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