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Welcome to the Election Edition of Hotspots, probably the most important issue of the year (and our lives for that matter).  I don’t know about you but, between Covid-19 and what feels like four years of political campaigning, I’m spent.  I remember the day I watched Donald and Melania Trump come down that escalator at Trump Tower and, I know many people are hoping that there is a reverse button on that very same escalator.  The bottom line is that it is up to us to decide if the president should get four more years in the White House or,  get sent back to Trump Tower to sort out his tax returns. 


In this edition of Hotspots, you will find it filled with helpful information about election issues, (because you can’t get enough) candidates’ positions and ballot recommendations for all who want to revel in the drama of voting on election day. 


By now you have heard that Pope Francis said that: “Homosexual people have the right to be in a civil union”  Wow, talk about a ‘come to Jesus’ moment and I mean no disrespect. And yet, in a completely inverse reality, with the installation of Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, two-thirds of the justices on the highest court in the land will be opponents of marriage equality.  As such, I hope you enjoy the George Freeman article which is timely to say the least. 


Remember that complacency cost Hillary Clinton the election four years ago and complacency can literally kill you if you let your guard down and forget to social distance.  As a husband, father and grandfather, (yes, I’m old) I implore you to step up, vote and have your voices heard while staying safe at all times.  We will get through this.  Afterall, we in the LGBTQ+ community have faced many challenges before and we always rise up and bitch-slap them back down until they rise again.


 Take care and love one another.  

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