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‘Drag Race UK’ Star Veronica Green Talks Covid-19, New Music

Veronica Green / VH1

At the beginning of Episode 5, Ru explained to the Queens that they must cease filming immediately due to the onset of the Coronavirus. She explained to them that as soon as they can they will resume filming. Seven months go by and the girls finally got to come back to the work room. They all seemed to be recharged and some had a little work done. We also found out that Tayce and A’Whora moved in together. The only one missing was Veronica, and Ru told the girls that Veronica tested positive for Corona and could no longer compete but is invited back to compete next season.

Ru then brought on three Brit Crew members in animal costumes. When they took their masks off it turned out they were: Joe, Cherry and Asttina, and one of them will be invited back into the competition. Ginny wasn’t invited as she left the competition on her own. The remaining contestants voted on who would come back. Five of the girls chose Joe and she returned. Ru gave Cherry and Asttina a 2-night getaway at a luxury London hotel.

The maxi challenge this week had the ladies represent the UK in the first ever Ru Vision song contest working in two groups. They recorded the song “Its UK Hun,” and they needed to write their own solo lyrics, style their own look and create a group choreography. Joe (as returning queen) and Lawrence (as the last Maxi Challenge) chose their teams, which were:

Joe, Tia, Sister Sister, Ellie

Lawrence, Bimini, Tayce, A’Whora

The runway category was “A day at The Seaside,” and the winners were Lawrence’s team and they each won a coveted RuPita badge. The bottom two were Joe and Tia with Joe Sashaying away. Since we already interviewed Joe, we took this opportunity to interview Veronica.

HS: At what age did drag become an interest and how did you pick your name?

VG: Drag became an interest when I decided that it was something I thought I could do. In 2010, I was on a musical theater job with Vinegar Strokes (from season 1) and we saw Season 2 of the original “Drag Race” and Raven and Nicole Paige Brooks were lip-syncing, and I thought I could do that, but it took three years to get the courage to do it.

Veronica is my real life sister’s name and when she was born, she was getting all the attention, so my brother and I were Green with envy. That’s when we decided to create a super villain based on her and we called the villain Veronica Green. When I started doing drag, all those years later, it popped into my head and it was an easy choice for my name.

HS: How exciting was it to be chosen for the second season of “Drag Race UK”?

VG: It was so thrilling, and I was extremely excited. I auditioned for the first season, but I think this year I was a lot stronger.

HS: How hard was it to keep the secret that you were on “Drag Race”?

VG: It was quite easy because I had very few followers on social media and no one was talking about me. I was the last queen to be discovered as a cast member on the show.

HS: Tell us about your “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK” experience?

VG: The experience was so amazing. I dove in headfirst to have as much fun as I could. It was quite grueling and vigorous, but I really enjoyed creating TV.

HS: How disheartening was it to test positive for Covid-19 and know you couldn’t continue to compete?

VG: It was two days before we were due to come back to filming and I wasn’t ill at all, so it came as a surprise and I was devastated. Eventually I got over it and thankfully I had a very mild case.

HS: Are you already preparing for next season?

VG: I haven’t formerly accepted the offer yet. I have a couple more days to make my decision.

HS: What’s your marital status?

VG: I have a fiancé, Steve, and we have been together for 10 years. We met online. I was in a musical touring the country and on my days off I would go to my parent’s house. I would get bored so I went on a dating site, and posted to like 30 guys that I was looking for friends. Steve was the only person who replied. We started as friends, and then became serious and last Christmas he proposed.

HS: Who are you closest with from the show?

VG: Without a doubt Tia Kofey. She has become a lifelong friend and we want to do tours together and have some great ideas for shows.

HS: What’s ahead for Veronica?

VG: I am actually going to release some music, but it’s going to be with a twist, as it’s theater music. No official date yet, but it’s coming out very soon.

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