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Ultra Naté Puts New Spin on Old Pride Anthem

ULTRA NATÉ / Peace Bisquit Productions

With all the excitement and hope generated by Trump’s departure from office, pop diva Ultra Naté is putting a new spin on an old Pride anthem with the re-release of her #1 smash hit, “Free (Live Your Life)”, featuring fresh new remixes and a video (By Ben Nelson).

It’s been twenty years since the clubhouse songstress hit the dance floor with the LGBTQ anthem, yet the uplifting and empowering message of “Free” still resonates around the world today.  The newly curated “Free (Live Your Life)” E.P., featuring reworks by KDA, Fracture, Ibitaly & Gregor Salto, B-Sights, John “J-C” Carr, Wendel Patrick and more, is being distributed by BluFire/Peace Bisquit.

“For many years I wouldn’t even consider re-imagining and re-releasing “Free (Live Your Life),” says the 52-year-old singer, recently named among Billboard’s “Greatest of All Time” dance artists.  “But there comes a time when the universe forces us to stop, pay attention and recognize that we are in a defining moment. That moment is now. There are so many around the world that need the energy, hope and empowerment that ‘Free’ embodies.”

Ultra Naté is a world-renowned singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, label owner and promoter.   She has toured the world extensively, released numerous albums and multiple international hits.

The “Free (Live Your Life)” music video is available now on YouTube.  It was crowdsourced by friends and family and features some of the principal collaborators.  “I’m really excited to share this with the world in this time of crisis and revolution,” Ultra continues, adding that “While it may not be possible to dance with each other in a club setting just yet, like the songs says, we can raise our voices in solidarity because we’re free!”

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