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Netflix’s ‘Single All the Way’ Turns a Queer Eye to Christmas

A Christmas-themed rom-com going where Hallmark still hasn’t, “Single All the Way” promises to turn Netflix into a queer Santa’s Village. Michael Mayer, the Tony Award-winning director of “Spring Awakening,” is taking on the project that stars Michael Urie, newcomer Philemon Chambers and veteran Hallmark Channel leading man Luke Macfarlane (who is openly gay but who routinely shows up on that network to romance all sorts of heterosexual women). Urie plays a man whose mother wants him to settle down and get married, so he brings his best friend (Chambers) home for the holidays to trick Mom into thinking he’s finally taken the monogamy plunge. Meanwhile, the matriarch has other plans, fixing up her son with a local personal trainer (Macfarlane, who’ll then have a character-based reason to be shirtless). There’ll be supporting turns from Barry Bostwick (“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”), Jennifer Coolidge (“Promising Young Woman”) and Kathy Najimy (“Veep”). And we’ll be watching it just to support the cause, obviously, but after seeing every basic cable variation on the Christmas rom-com under the sun, what we’re looking for here is a happy throuple ending. Netflix, make it so.

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