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The Marvelous John Waters Visits ‘Mrs. Maisel’

Here’s the news: legendary cult filmmaker John Waters (“Hairspray”) will have a role on the upcoming season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” And even though the new season is currently shooting, all details are under closely guarded wraps. Will he be a one-and-done? Recurring? Minor character? New regular? Who’s he playing? We don’t know and, frankly, it doesn’t matter. But we’re thrilled to see Waters in front of the camera for all sorts of reasons. He’s a queer elder statesman at this point, and for the retro purposes of “Maisel,” he already looks like an early 60s senior dandy. That pencil thin mustache alone is readymade period detail. Meanwhile, Amy Sherman Palladino and Daniel Palladino, the show’s creators, have a fun history of stunt casting going back to their “Gilmore Girls” days where everyone from Carole King to Norman Mailer to Traci Lords to members of Sonic Youth would simply show up in the fictional town of Stars Hollow to mingle with Lorelai and Rory at a pumpkin festival. Waters is going to fit right in.

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