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A Good Sweaty Workout: Your Best Investment!

A healthy lifestyle takes commitment and planning. Adhering to a sound nutritional program, keeping up with regular medical check-ups, and getting enough sleep are just a beginning. Sticking to these basic habits along with meeting the demands of work and a social life can be overwhelming. So how do you squeeze in regular exercise on top of everything else?

Good health and an active lifestyle require daily commitment. Working out with weights and doing regular cardio are draining and time consuming. Yet their benefits are infinite. You’ll not only look better, you’ll live longer and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care expenses. Doubt me? Just get sick, I mean really sick, like a week in the hospital and you’ll see what I mean. Don’t know where to start? Begin with activities you like, such as walking the dog, taking a dip in the ocean after work, or going for a nature hike with a buddy. If you learn to enjoy yourself, eventually exercise will become a part of your daily routine!

When it comes to staying fit, there are no shortcuts available. Sure, you can try fad diets, plastic- surgery, and steroids, but these are quick, patchy and expensive fixes compared to what discipline and hard work can achieve. A beautiful, natural body at every age obtained through sacrifice, dedication and lots of sweat is a wonderful thing to behold and possess!

Why not start today and design a winning program to get and stay fit. Consider three factors as you ponder a program: schedule flexibility, workout simplification, and diversification.

Schedule flexibility is crucial in these times of unplanned events, hectic traffic, and even more chaotic work schedules. A sharp guy begins the day with a plan so that he can accomplish everything that is important. Nothing is more crucial than your workout, so schedule a time and try to stick with it. Join a gym that is conveniently located between work and home. Most gyms have extended hours, so if you get derailed don’t despair. Your body responds to exercise whether it’s 7am or 7pm.

Workout simplification and diversification allow you to train regardless of what you had planned and where you had planned it. If you were set to hit the weight room at 6pm, but had to work late, then pump-up at home. A few dumbbells are inexpensive, but they can make a difference on days you don’t get to the gym. Do some push-ups, crunches and stretches during breaks at work. Bike around your neighborhood on weekends. Take a swim in that pool you pay someone big bucks to maintain for you all year long. Do something, anything. Just put those muscles in motion! Among all the investments you make, a commitment to regular exercise will reap the greatest benefits. Life is too short to miss out on being all that you can be.

Photo by Julia Larson from Pexels

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