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LGBTQ Community Goes Wild Over Met Gala In Gayest Red Carpet In History


Monday’s Met Gala was filled with iconic looks delivered by notable celebrities and athletes, from Lil Nas X’s three outfit changes to gymnast Nia Dennis showing off her skills in a royal blue bodysuit. Here are our top fashion picks for the LGBTQ+ community.

Troye Sivan Wore a Sexy Black Dress on the 2021 Met Gala Red Capet. We applaud the sleek dress and the leather armband that Sivan said was a tribute to Leatherman and Kink artist Mapplethorpe, but we do remind the self-professed bottom that the armband should have been on his RIGHT arm, as left means top.

Nikkie Tutorials honors trans icon Marsha P Johnson with her beautiful Met Gala tribute. In one of the best LGBTQ+ examples of the night’s theme of “In America”, the trans makeup artist and YouTube influencer channeled Marsha P’s famous flower crown photo with a gown that said “Pay it no mind” on the bottom — Marsha’s famous catchphrase.

Elliot Page hit the 2021 Met Gala in style — his first Major Red Carpet Since Transitioning. There were lots of new faces at this year’s Met Gala, but it was a new kind of first for Elliot Page, and he looked amazing in a stylish Balenciaga suit.

Dan Levy’s Met Gala 2021 Look Featured Two Men Kissing. The look, designed for Loewe by Jonathan Anderson, used a map of the US and his home of Canada to create the image of 2 men kissing.

Dear Evan Hansen’s gay lead Ben Platt wore a fantastic vintage suit by LGBTQ+ Designer Christian Cowan, but he wasn’t the only one wearing one of Cowan’s looks. We don’t know if she’s his best friend, but rapper Saweetie was our type in a revealing dress studded with 10,000 crystals, looking like everyone’s Drag fantasy.

Lil Nas X Prooves “Bigger Is Better” with 3 Met Galas Looks. It seems to be a theme here on Queer News Tonight that Lil Nas X always manages to steal the show. Last night he did it again with not one, not two, but three Versace looks that told the story of his career so far.

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